​Alphonse Menyo in ‘Utopia’: I felt reality pain when my sister was sexually harassed


​Alphonse Menyo in ‘Utopia’: I felt reality pain when my sister was sexually harassed

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Although it was a mere movie scene; ‘Freetown’ movie actor, Alphonse Menyo has noted that he felt real life pain when his sister was sexually abused by Wale in a scene of the yet-to-be premiered movie, ‘Utopia’. 
“That scene indeed got to me. At a point, I was helpless. I took it so deep that I totally lost out like it really happened. If it had been a real life chapter, nothing I could have done really. I just would have let the law take its course,” he lamented.

According to Alphonse, “Utopia is not just a normal story that we usually watch and due to how the story was scripted; I ask my self, is this what I would like to see if am watching it as a normal audience? When my answer was positive, I accepted the role.

“The setting of the movie and how the story was coiled got my interest and I must say, I am proud to be part of this good film shot. It was great working with the director of the film, Kobi Rana, who lessened the major challenges as he involved everyone. It was a team work.

“And just like the ‘Freetown’ movie was a different ball game all together, it is same with ‘Utopia’ movie which is my first featured movie in Ghana. And I will be seen in different shades,” he told in a chitchat.

​‘Utopia’ is a  reality inspired movie that tells the story of two brothers, who engage in brutish crimes aimed at living a cruisy life away from their homeland. On their journey of exploit, they gets to a point of no return where their instinctive reactions comes first as their source of relief. 

It stars Alphonse Menyo (Freetown actor), Elikem Kumordzi The Tailor (Ghanaian Big Brother Africa rep), Actor Psalm Adjetey-Fio, fierce actress Irene Spare, and Cephas Asilevi, among others.

The movie is filled with suspense, which heightens in every scene yet has a classic and understanding end. It is directed by Kobi Rana and produced by Blue Whale Pictures in partnership with Nkuluziza Production. 

It premieres at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall and Westhills Mall on August 27 at 6.30pm and 8.30pm respectively. Tickets are sold for GHs30.00

See Utopia trailer below: 


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