​Muse Africa, Oxfam’s ‘Participate’ campaign to engage youths in 2016 Election 


​Muse Africa, Oxfam’s ‘Participate’ campaign to engage youths in 2016 Election 

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Announcing a multimedia/non-partisan campaign themed, ‘Participate’ which aims at engaging and encouraging young voters to participate in Ghana’s approaching general elections slated for December 7;  Muse Media Network partners with Oxfam in Ghana on this initiative.

The campaign, ‘Participate’ launched today, October 14, 2014 at the Impact Hub, Accra will begin from tomorrow with videos which features celebrities and selected section of the public encouraging young voters to take part in this year’s elections. 

According to the Co-founder of Muse Media Networks, Sadia Abdulai Abu, “we are proud to launch this innovative and timely social advocacy initiative. Muse Participate affords us the opportunity to encourage youth involvement in the election process underscoring MUSE’s commitment to not only entertain young Ghanaians through compelling urban music & lifestyle content but also empowering and inspiring them to exercise their right and power.”

Adding, “one of our objectives for this campaign is to basically bring a whole lot of cool to the electoral discussion in the country.”

Also addressing the press was the Country Director of Oxfam in Ghana, Sebastian Tiah, “our focus as Oxfam is to harness the potential of people power to drive and own their development. We are therefore excited by the opportunity to work with the youth as critical agents for social change and believe this collaboration with MUSE marks the beginning of a very exciting journey.

“Oxfam in Ghana’s support to the ‘Participate’ campaign by MUSE comes as part of a broader influencing initiative dubbed, ‘Citizens Dcide’ that OXFAM is undertaking in this election year. This advocacy, ‘Citizen Decide’  CITIZENS is strategized to cover all the thematic program areas that OXFAM works on from small holder agriculture/fishing and food security; oil, gas & mining governance; as well as inequality issues in health and education,” he detailed.

Driven through music, a dedicated 6 episodes per an hour in a weekly TV Show dubbed, ‘Muse Special Editions’ will display brings young voters meet and interact with the Presidential candidates of the 4 approved political parties and a town hall styled engagement events in some Tertiary Instituitions. 

Advocacy, ‘Participate’ is a non-partisan multi-layered social advocacy campaign that seeks to engage the attention of young people between ages 18-34 years drawing on the star power of music, television, radio & events to present the general elections as cool as it can be and make a compelling case for young people to act, to choose or lose out on choosing the leaders they believe in. 

Its aim is to tackle the challenge of lack of interest in electoral affairs, governance and politics  by young people in Ghana. PARTICIPATE is aimed at creating dedicated spaces for progressive engagement of the youth on issues of national importance that matter to them most and connect to the political process in ways that resonate with their worldview. The campaign is supported by Friends of the Nation, a Takoradi based, civil society organisation. 

About Muse Media Network

MUSE Africa is a fast growing media brand targeting Ghanaian & African millennials with urban music, lifestyle & culture content via its dedicated TV blocks, online hub & social media. Since it’s inception in July, 2015, Muse Africa has consistently been innovating and delivering engaging urban music, culture & lifestyle experiences for young audiences between ages 16 – 34 years, every day on Viasat1, JoyPrime and via its website integrated to its social media properties and live events.  Muse can also be seen in Tanzania on TV1 and in Rwanda. MUSE is set to launch some Francophone countries early next year. Follow Muse on twitter @muse_africa, @museafrica on Instagram and Snapchat. Like the facebook fanpage MUSE AFRICA. 

About Oxfam 

OXFAM is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. As a confederation of 18 member organizations, Oxfam works with people in more than 90 countries to create lasting solutions. Oxfam saves lives, develops long-term solutions to poverty, and campaigns for social change.  

Visit its website via… Like the Facebook page: Oxfam In Ghana and follow on Twitter: @oxfaminghana

Follow the hashtag #museparticipate on all social media platforms for updates.

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