Genesis of Lynx Entertainment woes 1

The African E-News

Rexford, O J Blaq, Richie Mensah, Salimi Akill and Raz King Investors are one essential key role in every organization and so could Lynx Entertainment not have done without its investors, Raz King and Enoch who for their love for MUSIC agreed to invest in Lynx Entertainment and on July[…]


Invest And Promote Reggae Music By Ghanaian Youths – Redfyah

The African E-News

Redfyah New Reggae act, Redfyah has flared-up his bane about how most Ghanaian producers and investors have sidelined upcoming reggae music artistes who equally have to be treated well just like their colleagues doing other music genres.According to him, it’s very disheartening how Ghanaians who love conscious Reggae music by[…]


Kenz: I want to compete Mugeez not copy his style

The African E-News

Kenz While Mugeez of R2Bees fame is tagged with Okuraseni Samuel as a role model, new Afro-pop Kid on the block, Kenz, has in turn chosen Mugeez as his role model in Ghana and instead of copying his style, he rather will compete with him. According to him, Mugeez is one[…]


I crave for a competitor – MixMasta Garzy

The African E-News

Mix-Mata Garzy Branded as Ghana’s youngest sound engineer, creatively known as MixMasta Garzy, Benjamin Nana Kwame Mensah has indicated that even though he is proud to be officially acknowledged as the youngest sound engineer, he feels the need to have a competitor. According to him, he believes there are quite[…]


Mugeez part of Nkurasesem Clan?

The African E-News

R2Bees and Okuraseni Samuel After news broke that Okuraseni Samuel of Mentor fame was accusing Ghanaian music duet, R2Bees for copying his style in their single, ‘Odo’ which was released on July 23, 2012, the half part of the duo, Paedae also spoke on the issue indicating that he does[…]

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