MUSIGA must dissolve all factions in the union!

The African E-News

“…See, we searching for the answer, cus we wanna live happily ever after       We should open another chapter, so we could write the story again…       Cus we killing the game, the game       The game 3x       Cus we killing the game, the game       The game 3x”[…]


Could there be any thin truth in Sar oko die affiliation with free mason as well?

The African E-News

To every rumor there is a source and when news broke about Sarkodie being signed onto Konvict Music way back 2009 and oficially outdoored on January 6, 2010, it brought joy in the hearts of Ghanaians who were over-proud of Sarkodie. There was no hint that it was a deceit[…]

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