Alpha Boys School launches fundraisiing campaign for On-Campus Radio Studio

The African E-News

CLICK TO GO TO RADIO STATION WEBSIT Source: Soul of the Lion Promo Alpha Boys School, the non-profit residential school in Kingston, Jamaica is pleased to announce its online streaming radio station,, has reached the milestone of passing 60,000 unique listeners per month after 5 months of operations.  Focusing[…]


Funny Face, David Oscar, DKB, et al must create relevant jokes

The African E-News

Funny Face I have been doing some in-depth thinking trying to define who a funny actor or better still, a comedian is and really, I find it quite confusing as to how David Oscar took offence to the questioning truth in the article headlined: Are Ghanaian comedians funny at all?[…]


Is Guru now a member of the Shatta Movement?

The African E-News

Guru with Mmaa Kuo Okay, so indeed it is very true that not every ‘mad’ person is mad likewise a seeming fit and well-dressed individuals we meet and engage with is mentally sound. A very typical example is Guru. Initially, the public was made to believe that Shatta Wale and[…]


Opinion: Blamed for family’s mishaps because I grew DREADLOCKS

The African E-News

That’s her! As I stated in my last article headlined; ‘How well have dreadlocks become fashionable in this era?’ that I would share my story years back when I grew locked hair, it is indeed necessary that I honour my words to our cherished readers. Way back 1999 during my[…]


Dreadlocks now fashion; families to accept back exiled individuals?

The African E-News

Obrafuor and Reggie Rockstone Way back in the early 1990s and early 2000s; individuals who grew dreadlocks had tagged perceptions surrounding their persona including ‘outcast’, ‘dirty’, ‘mad’, ‘nonentity’ and ‘weed’ takers, a few to mention. These individuals received several disheartening treatments and neglect from families, friends, organisations and the general[…]


A music promoter makes new songs a hit – Kwame Bee

The African E-News

Host of Cruise Control on Hitz 103.9FM, Kwame Empeh, has noted that although indeed DJ Black has done well in proven and branding himself as Ghana’s number one DJ; he does not deserve to be in the BEST MUSIC PROMOTER OF THE YEAR category as well as Sammy Forson in[…]

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