Guru to pull down Charter House building should he win no award @ 2014 VGMA?

The African E-News

Boys Abr3 leader Just like two years ago, filled with over-confidence; he was heard on some top notched radio stations in Accra including Hitz FM listing awards he deserved to win and some categories he thinks he should have been nominated in. Guru is once again outlining to us similar[…]


MUDAG executives should rather tie the tongue of George Dickson!

The African E-News

George William Dickson In as much as I may not be pleased and satisfied with the dealings of the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), I see no reason for a ‘caution’ release if really members of the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana are not happy with some utterances by[…]


SOUL TAKERS: Manslaughter less culpable; Soul Takers to convince law enforcers?

The African E-News

Does the Ghanaian Law recognize vehicular manslaughter as a hard offense? Does it even recognize any offense at all with the exception of weed possession and cocaine possessions among other offenses? I am even forced to believe that there have been instances where some individuals suspected of possessing substances believed to[…]

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