About Love Myelitis by Elorm Beenie

About Love Myelitis by Elorm Beenie

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‘Love Myelitis’ is a book for all ages, touches on the fundamental stage(s) of love-which almost everyone was involved in-from childhood through diverse experiences from good to bad till become adults.

Anyone who reads this book will be struck by his open-mindedness, his exhaustive understanding of human nature, and his acute sense of humor carefully garnished with the theme of the book.

Most people find it difficult to talk about their past and subscribe to the erroneous belief that “when you speak about your past, you give an arsenal to your enemies to gun you down” For the fear of people judging them by their past, they decide not to discuss it.

This deprives the younger and even unborn generations of an in-depth understanding of life and living it. It is therefore not surprising that the surge in crime and suicide among the youth is astronomical.

Falling in LOVE is simple; anyone can fall in LOVE anywhere, anytime, anyhow but sustaining LOVE is problematic!

This problematic side of LOVE is what is paired with the second part of the book title, ‘Myelitis’. The word Myelitis is a two-word (Greek) combination. Myelitis was derived from two Greek words – myelo (which means ‘Spinal Cord’ or ‘Bone Marrow’); and itis (which means Inflammation).

Hence, the term “Myelitis” means the inflammation of the bone marrows or inflammation of the spinal cord. The word “Myelitis” is undeniably symbolic of the medical field with a common example as “Poliomyelitis” which is a severe infectious viral disease, usually affecting children or young adults.

Poliomyelitis inflames the brainstem and spinal cord; sometimes leading to loss of voluntary movement and muscular wasting.

The infusion of this uncommon word, ‘Myelitis’ as part of the book title is employed in order to explain how thorny Love is and also explains the effects of broken hearts or love wreckages; how injurious it can be.

When broken hearts occur, it is likened to an abstract sickness which affects the heart and disturbs the mind.This abstract sickness however, as defined by the author is the inflammation of the emotional spine that cripples an individual who has been outfoxed by LOVE, thus, explains the book title; ‘Love Myelitis’.

Careful study of each of the chapters in this book would reveal and also inform the reader about some petite but vital ingredients that combine to make a good LOVE recipe. The book actually stems from the genesis of love, which mainly begins from our infant days at school (since most of our initial life moments are lived there).

It uncovers tangible love tales from the challenging experiences young folks go through at school trying to nurture love among themselves; furtively. And because these things are mostly done secretly among the young folk; they are exposed to many perilous things, which are best known to them yet they find it difficult to express openly.

Sometimes, they wish they could share some of such experiences with their parents or the elderly but due to fear of being misunderstood or stigmatized; they keep such issues to themselves or continue to wallow in their love wooziness; which results in ‘emotional sicknesses’ which they tend to harbour within continually, proving difficult to cure.

This book is a must read for all and sundry.         

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