Audience thrilled with ‘Scialla’ @ Goethe Institute

Audience thrilled with ‘Scialla’ @ Goethe Institute

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Layout 1As part of the Italian Cultural Week celebration, a film titled, ‘Scialla’ with subtitles was shown at the Goethe Institution, adjacent to the National Film and TV Institute on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7pm.

Premiered in 2011, Scialla which means Easy; is an Italian comedy film directed by Francesco Bruni. The film stars, Fabrizio Bentivoglio as Bruno; Filippo Scicchitano as Luca; Barbora Bobulova as Tina; Vinicio Marchioni as Il Poeta; Stefano Brunori as Stefano; Franco Campiti as Franco; Giacomo Ceccarelli as Valerio.

Paola Tiziana Cruciani as Giovanna; Adamo Dionisi as Il piccoletto; Giuseppe Guarino as Carmelo; Raffaella Lebboroni as Professor Di Biagio; and Natascia Macchniz as Segretaria liceo also starred in the movie.

‘Scialla’, is a film about a retired teacher and novelist, Bruno, who survives by private tutoring. He wrote the biography for former adult star, Tina. He then discovers that one of his students (Luca), a teenager who is on the brink of failure at school, is his son.

Luca, a quite tough child showed less interest in his studies instead preferred to be a ‘faggot’ (thug). Upon several attempt to guide him to see the worth of life, he maintains his grounds that he wants to be a ‘faggot’ until he found himself in a situation he could not sneak out.

His actual father, whom he (Luca) did not know was; stood in for him as the person he had stolen a wrapped item (cocaine) and some money as he happened to have taught the ‘faggot’, Stefano way back in Tech.

The moral lesson of ‘Scialla’ is the fact that as youngsters, in as much as we may desire to please ourselves; there is the need to be cautious, humble, obedient and good listeners.

Speaking to some young folks who witnessed the film show, they indicated, “Scialla, is indeed a good movie for all youth as we keep making some decisions we think we are on the right path; we are still growing and we need to be obedient and not make decisions on our own.”

Another audience, Matteo, who has been in Ghana for only 6 months also indicated that as a youngster, there were series of decisions he made that weren’t favorable and urged that Ghanaians watch some more Italian movies.

The film had 12 original sound-tracks which were produced by The Ceasars, sung by the Italian rapper Amir Issaa and published by EMI Music Publishing Italy. The official video clip of the film, directed by Gianluca Catania, won the 2012 Roma Videoclip Award.

The Ceasars and Amir were nominated for the 2012 David di Donatello Award and Nastro d’Argento (silver ribbons) for the song, ‘Scialla’ and won the 2012 ‘Premio Cinema Giovane’ for the best original soundtrack.

The sound-tracks were ‘La parte del figlio’, ‘Scialla’, ‘Questa è Roma’, ‘La strada parla’, and ‘Le ali per volare’, all sung by Amir except for ‘Discoteque’ which featured Ceasar and Pstarr.
Others are ‘Mr. Slide’ and ‘Il gatto e la pioggia’ by FRancesco Rigon; and ‘Pool party’ and ‘Scialla variazioni sul tema’ by Ceasar & PStarr and ‘Macchina gialla’, a Ceasar Productions.

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