Box your Day with CrossOva III at Sogakope!


Box your Day with CrossOva III at Sogakope!

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As quoted by Seneca, travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind and that is exactly what fun-lovers and travel fanatics are warming up to Season III of Ghana’s biggest travel entertainment event, CrossOva; as the momentum builds up.
And whether it is Thursday, or the day is stormy,
With thunder and rain, or the birds attack each other,

CrossOva has in 2 years established a reputation as the most-sought after Yuletide vacation travel event and one of the biggest yuletide entertainment programs. It is an annual fun-packed day-long event that knits sight-seeing adventures with outdoor party entertainment.

Social Yard Inc., organizers of the event have tipped this year’s event, dubbed CrossOva III, as possibly the biggest event to go down this Yuletide. 

The CEO of Social Yard Inc., Rick I. Kotey Jnr said  “Our package is the most appealing, broadest and most exciting. As our main objective, we offer road-trip adventures, day-long parties, bus-ride fun, socialization, fun games and the exciting annual surprise packages.”

CrossOva III comes off on December 26, Boxing Day at a Spa and Resort location inside Sogakope on the eastern banks of the Volta lake and as usual, luxury trip buses will convey clients at departure point to CrossOvadestination for a day-long social party.

CrossOva is social-friendly for individuals, friends, relations and groups that are bound by common ties of sight-seeing adventures, picnic-themed parties, outdoor celebrations and respite.  

It is the ultimate Outdoor entertainment package.  Tickets sell for a cool GH¢30 anywhere tickets are sold.

We have the location, just come with an expectation!!! RSVP 0248737333/0266677778
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