CAB tours Ghana with Perfect Music Fusion Concert on October 9

CAB tours Ghana with Perfect Music Fusion Concert on October 9

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CABTourGhanaCarribean, Africa and Brazil (CAB), a renowned a trio of artistes from the Caribbean (Mario Canonge), Africa (Blick Bassy) and Brazil (Adriano Tenoriodd) countries will be having their debut tour concert in Ghana dubbed, ‘Perfect Music Fusion Concert’ at the Alliance Francaise on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 8pm.

The tour organized by the Institut Francais is the band’s first ever performance in Ghana as part of its tour in 21 African Countries.

CAB reflecting the different origins of the members. Cameroonian Blick Bassy is a guitarist and the sensual vocalist; Martiniquan Mario Canonge is one of the most famous Caribbean jazz pianist from Martinique F.W.I., while Brazilian Adriano is a percussions master.

Together, they formed CAB in 2012, and have since released such songs as Oweyo, To Bale and Eseka whose music transcends borders and reflects today’s global village.

These artistes will compose and showcase a perfect fusion of music from those parts of the world. The concert will also feature a collaboration with Ghanaian guitar maestro, Kyekyeku.

CAB is also organizing a documentary contest with one representative each from different countries.

This is a competition of mini-documentaries (clip style), which aims to showcase the creativity of African youth through the encounter of Caribbean/Africa/Brazil, angle of travel notes, and usage of new technologies.

In Ghana, Antoni Jordio, a student of NAFTI has been selected for the competition. The winner will receive 3,000 Euros and other prizes.

Novotel Hotel, Live FM, HBTV support this event. The tour in the region is organised by the Institut Français.

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