#ComicAlert: Comedy Bar founder joins the nation’s 2016 presidential race


#ComicAlert: Comedy Bar founder joins the nation’s 2016 presidential race

The African E-News

Ghanaian Comedian, James Brown has announced his intentions to run in the November presidential election in with his party, AFPP; citing in a YouTube video, “if we have a lot of ‘comedians’ as parties delegates in the nation’s presidential race, why can’t an actual comedians also join in?”

“AFPP is the ellipsis of Actual Funny People’s Party. And we have more that a better Ghana Agenda in our ‘Red Book’ and we are here to rule for as many years as we are going to deliver our promises,” he said in a chitchat with

Adding, “The AFPP presidential candidate can be found beneath the border line of ballot paper on the voting day; you will see this fresh boy, that’s me.”

In his announcement video published on YouTube; Presidential aspirant of the AFPP, James Brown outlined his party’s manifesto which he has tagged as ‘The Red Book’ included the selling of Ghana back to the British under his administration; a visa-free travelling to European countries for the youth to participate live in Super bets at the stadium (egobeee roff); and most especially, his administration will ensure that people who ‘practice’ by-force slurring English speaking  aka LAFA will no more be laughed at since we will be having the British as Government – “in’ah me” (you know what I mean), etc.

Join the Actually Funny People’s Party at the H2o Bar, East Legon-American house on May 28, 2016, 8pm; as the party’s presidential aspirant introduces his administration members as well as give details in his manifesto.

Enjoy the video below;

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