David Oscar’s ‘Blow’ to threaten Shatta Wale, others?

David Oscar

David Oscar’s ‘Blow’ to threaten Shatta Wale, others?

The African E-News

Known for his outspoken and aggressive attacks on some media persons, who in a dare criticized GhComedy and its crusaders about their then unfunny jokes; David Oscar has indicated that although he has been on the low for couple of months now, it is because he is tirelessly working on a number of songs out of which his debut single, ‘Blow’ will be released next month.

In an interview with AmaLarbieAfrica, David Oscar said, “I’m aware I have been silent and off the media grounds for couple of months now; yet I am not sleeping, I am putting in the necessary efforts with my team ahead of the release day of my first song, which is recorded on a Dancehall tune.”

Adding, “I decided to join the music fraternity to relay my ‘in-born’ singing talent which Ghanaians are yet to experience, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped comedy, something I personally initiated, never! I have just learnt to rather make use of my music tendency.”

Retorting to whether his yet-to-be released song, ‘Blow’ was a diss song to either the media or then haters of GHComedy; he said, “of course not, although I have been that aggressive in the past; but it was for a good course to gain grounds for GhComedy and ‘Blow’ is an inspirational song. I rather seek to overthrow whoever is claiming the Dancehall King in Ghana.”

“It is a song to inspire Dancehall music lovers compared to what the Samini and Shatta Wale have been doing. They have made Dancehall look like a solely ‘beefing’ music genre, which obviously isn’t as outlined by Luciano during his recent interview with Black Rasta on Hits FM (on Thursday, April 16, 2015).”

Adding, “indeed, Dancehall comes with rivalry in every country’s music industry, but the two (Samini and Shatta Wale) have come this far in the Ghanaian music industry without an end point, or a positive impact and my ‘Blow’ song will most definitely overthrow the ‘Dancehall King.”

Barely three months ago when the actor/comedian announced his decision to have joined the list of actors-cum-musicians in Ghana, and therefore alerting Dancehall acts, Samini and Shatta Wale about his arrival; the ‘Dancehall king’ singer, Shatta Wale was perceived to have responded to the alert in a photo-post captioned, “I see dem” update on Instagram on January 24, 2015.

Meanwhile, it cannot be stated for a fact that the ‘Prepare’ singer’s photo update was in connection with David Oscar’s alert.

Since it is perceived that Dancehall/Reggae genre musicians are ‘burners’; will the comedian join in the ‘burning’ league as well?

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