Ded Buddy Drops New Album

Ded Buddy Drops New Album

The African E-News

Ded Buddy now known as Qweci

AFTER YEARS of waiting, he is finally back. Ded Buddy shines back with the new hit single ‘mipe wo saa’, a song dubbed ‘a masterpiece’. Ded Buddy left the music scene in Ghana to further his education in NYC after releasing the hit album that included ‘Abofra Wisua’ and ‘Yebesa’ which had the whole Ghana singing to his tunes.
A decade later, he is back with a sense of passion for his music now as QWECI. He is known worldwide and is the drive behind the powerful new single ‘mipe wo saa’’ which is buzzing in the media in Ghana now.
Qweci’s album drops in two months and this album is bound to set a tone for  Ghanaian music across the world.

This was published on January 20, 2012 in The Heritage Newspaper.
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