Genesis of Lynx Entertainment woes 1


Genesis of Lynx Entertainment woes 1

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Rexford, O J Blaq, Richie Mensah, Salimi Akill and Raz King

Investors are one essential key role in every organization and so could Lynx Entertainment not have done without its investors, Raz King and Enoch who for their love for MUSIC agreed to invest in Lynx Entertainment and on July 12, 2007 a budget on ‘Frema’, Richie’s debut hit single track and video was sent to them and in September, 2007 the track and video were released.

In a written contract which was signed by both parties, the investors and owners of the company’s, Raz King and Enoch, Richie Mensah and his mom, Mrs. Alberta Mensah contained a till-you-want-to-back-out agreement of 25% to be paid to each investor and 50% to Lynx Entertainment of proceeds on every production.

Lynx Entertainment alias Lynx family started with a management team which included Shushu Bimpong, Enoch, Salimi Akill, Raz King, Richie Mensah (CEO), Papa Richie (Richmond Adu-Poku), Asem, O J Blaq, the biggie boy lover and Mrs. Alberta Mensah, regarded as the mother of the family and later joined in by Eazzy baby and Ziggy.
Enock and Salimi Akill
Now, what you didn’t know about Lynx Entertainment/Family is how glitches started secretly amongst them way back 2008 when Shushu, then the General Manager who had been working with the label all along before Lynx became a household name in the music industry bolted away with GH₵10,000 (GH₵100,000,000 old currency) in February, 2008 purposely because Lynx Entertainment had not paid him since he joined the team and moreover, he wasn’t actually running an NGO.

Late 2008, Albert Mensah, elder brother of Richie Mensah (CEO) who had nothing to do with the company when it started became the General Manager of the label in place of Shushu, without prior notice to either of the investors or the entire team apart from the Mensah family who knew and made arrangement for Albert’s position in the record label company.
Meanwhile, the proceeds made on ‘Frema’ as well as other transactions made were not transparent hence, no money was allocated to the deserved members in the family instead the mother of Lynx Entertainment/Family was said to have allegedly accused them of going ‘women-chasing’ with their monies upon confrontation in 2010.

That phrase heavily contributed to the hiccups of Lynx Entertainment alias Lynx Family but without ‘gratefulness’ the mother of the label, Mrs. Albert Mensah has been tagged as the financee of the label and other artistes whose contribution directed them to the limelight have left the label with ‘ungratefulness’ attached to their names.
Watch Frema by Richie Mensah in the link below
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