Ghana Glamour Awards to acknowledge celebrities


Ghana Glamour Awards to acknowledge celebrities

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GHANA GLAMOUR Awards 2012, an award event organized by Shades and Powder, that seeks to celebrate both the major and minor contributors in the Ghanaian Showbiz Industry who have and continued to enhance the excitement among the public and output of the stakeholders of this industry.

The awards aims to help market the Ghanaian celebrities and talents to the outside showbiz world; thereby assisting in advertising and branding Ghana as an exciting African destination and as well help increase the investments ‘pumped’ into the industry and also add up to the earnings of the entertainers and stakeholders.

Ghana Glamour Awards determines to add more excitement to the Ghanaian entertainment industry thereby attracting more investors hence, to gradually enhance the growth of the industry. It is also to help establish a strong relationship between the industry and corporate Ghana.

This is to celebrate excelling Ghanaian celebrities by rewarding the most deserving with reflection on their ‘Glamorous’ lifestyles. Celebs will be picked by the Glam Team from vast areas of showbiz such as ‘Modeling’ ,‘Fashion’, ‘Music’, ‘Movies’, ‘Sports’, ‘TV Culture – TV Hosts & Personalities not necessarily related to the above mentioned fields of endeavor, among others. This will form the bedrock of the nominations. 

Categories for the awards include ‘Best Dressed Man & Woman in Showbiz’, ‘Most Beautiful Woman In Showbiz’, ‘Most Handsome Man In Showbiz’ and ‘Most Beautiful Couple in Showbiz’ a few to mention. 

The event will also host international glamorous celebrities from Nigeria and the United Kingdom and will take place at one of Ghana’s finest hotels which will soon be announced.   

The Ghana Glamour Awards is going to focus on mainly the interesting lifestyles of the Ghanaian Celebrities hoping to bring an exciting twist to the world of entertainment in Ghana thereby slowly decreasing the growing tension but increasing the interest of the public in Ghanaian Celebrities.’
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