Ghana Supreme Council meeting holds in Hamburg

Ghana Supreme Council meeting holds in Hamburg

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The maiden Ghana Supreme Council meeting took place on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 4pm to 7pm at Africa House, Königsreihe 22, 22041 Hamburg-Wandsbek. And two representatives of all groups from the Ghanaian Community in Germany were present at the meeting.

The representatives came from all Ghanaian Unions, Nananom (House of Chiefs), Churches, Muslim Associations, Ethnic Groups and Benevolent Societies.

Indeed, it was a successful meeting and the main objective of the Ghana Supreme Council is to be an Umbrella organization that will among other things foster unity and have one mouth piece/ one voice for all Ghanaian Unions in dealing with the Embassy in Berlin and the Hamburg Authorities and Hamburg Senate.

With over 22000 thousand Ghanaians in Hamburg-Germany, the formation of such an Umbrella/ Apex organization is long overdue and all unions will maintain their individual identities whilst having representatives in the Supreme Council.

Members chosen from the various unions to form the Supreme Council are to strengthen the already existing good relationship between Ghanaians in Hamburg including Germans of Ghanaian Origin, Nonpartisan and Nondenominational groups.

The Supreme Council will be tasked to win more friends, understand our problems here as well as in Ghana, get involve in Development Projects, canvass for Diaspora representative in the Ghana Parliament and more importantly draft a constitution for the proper functioning of the Supreme Council for the welfare of all Ghanaians in Germany.

Initiators of the Supreme Council are Dr. Kingsley Ohene–Dokyi,  Sylvaina  Gerlich – Representative of Hamburg Integration Council, ChairLady IMIC,  Sarah Sally Colemann,  Maxwell Nkrumah Ababio,  Dr. Bernard Doku,  Nana Amenado,  Nana Tuffour,  Nana Jordan Badu,  Nana Owusu Hillmann, Nana Asare Baffour.

And also, Frank Mensah, Sir James Mensah,  Pastor John Parker , Pastor Christiane Akanbul,  Imam Mohammed Awal,  Rafiwu Salami, Emmanuel Ompong,  Nana Akosua Oforiwa, Francis Mensah Boateng Fancis B.M Radio –Pentecost Radio,  Nana Mensah Bonsu (Edikanfo Radio), Königsreihe 22, 22041 Hamburg.


Editor’s Note: Submitted by Nkosuohene of Topafric Radio, Germany

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