GIAMA Awards calls for nomination


GIAMA Awards calls for nomination

The African E-News

GOLDEN ICONS, a U.S based celebrity magazine that dishes out movies, music, celebs scandals, rumors and news on African Celebrities in the showbiz industry.

With its complicated maxim, “our work is to play but we don’t play with our work” in 2011 was voted the Best African magazine in the United States and as part of their promise to extend it wings after winning the awards last year, they have decided to appreciate and encourage the moviemakers in Africa, hence initiating Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards “GIAMA awards” to boost the growing industry.

In an interview, Bode Ojo, CEO of Golden Icons explained that “we have seen the African movie industry grow worldwide over the last decade, I love African movie and I know what it takes to make a good one, that’s why we are not doing any other thing, but a movie awards.”

The Awards which have over 26 categories is set for Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the HBU Morris Cultural Arts Center, Dunham Theater. Houston, Texas as submission of movies ends on the June 12, 2012.

To submit a movie for nomination, producers/copyright owners in Ghana should pick a form and submit DVD copies of the movies they want to put up for nomination at the offices of Next Media Concept call: 0261328443) whilst Nollywood producers contacts: Bola Aduwo on 0813-104-2710 or visit:
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