Hail the ‘King’, Yemi Alade

Hail the ‘King’, Yemi Alade

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Capturing the minds and hearts of other nationals is not an easy bone to crack, but rising Nigerian star, Yemi Alade just did that with her hugely popular ‘Johnny’ track and video.

‘Johnny’ was present at birthdays, marriage ceremonies and other jolly gatherings where young and old equally danced to the tune cooked by ‘Salebobo’.

The track, about a philanderer named Johnny who continues to initiate sexual relations with women of his liking despite the love given him by Yemi hit home with many of the song’s lovers but the catch of the video is when Johnny denies knowledge of his sex mates even when confronted with his misdeeds.

Some music videos just add to songs but whoever devised the concept of adapting American detective series Cheaters did a good job more so when the execution was done aptly utilizing the humour of Bovi and the aggression of Johnny’s girls in addition to some crisp video work.

Building on the huge acclaim of the Johnny single, the 25-year-old Abia born damsel has unleashed her debut album ‘King of Queens’ which features serious acts on the continent including Ghana’s R2Bees.

Fans can expect to hear the popular ‘Johnny’ track on the debut album including; ‘Why Pose?’ featuring R2Bees; ‘Duro Timi’; ‘Catch You’; ‘K.I.N.G’ (KOQ) [Interlude]; ‘Money’; ‘I Like’; ‘Taking Over Me’ featuring Phyno; ‘Sugar’; ‘Selense’ featuring Chidinma; ‘Fall In Love’, ‘Temperature’ featuring Dil’; ‘Kissing’, ‘Tangerine’ featuring Selebobo; ‘Daddy Oyoyo’; ‘Johnny’ (French Version); ‘Kissing’ (Remix) featuring Diamond; and ‘Looking At Me’.

Judging by the acts Yemi features on her ‘King of Queens’ album and the quality she has come to be associated with; it is little secret that the ‘King’ has certainly arrived, ready to create an empire.

Eli Dokosi

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