“I’m naturally romantic; I don’t fake my calm voice”


“I’m naturally romantic; I don’t fake my calm voice”

The African E-News

Host of Brunch Pluzz on Pluzz 89.9 FM, Mr EL ‘lover’ has indicated that at the early stages when he started his show, “to a certain extent, people accused me of speaking calmly in a quest to win ladies over to listen to me, but little did they know that I weren’t faking my calm voice, rather I am naturally romantic.”

“It actually took them some time to realize that, that was my personality. I am naturally a calm person and that was how I speak. I wasn’t that much bothered though. And on radio, I am just myself; I don’t fake it. I don’t try to be any person,” he added.

“I just present my show as if I am talking to you – my friend, my listeners and in turn, my listeners in their various locations (homes, workplaces, etc.) are being good listeners as they listen attentively without any interruptions until when necessary (that’s the call-in segment). So finally when they realized that I was being me; they understood that I am not faking, but naturally a calm talker and that I am just romantic,” he told in an interview.

On how he manages his relationship since obviously some women in ‘listenership attire’ would indeed want to get much way ‘closer than close’, Mr EL elaborated, “the truth is, I don’t even allow other women to get too close to me. I have a limitation and so I tell you from the onset that I love another woman. And that seems to solve that aspect of the problem most often and they back off.”

Adding, “I find it very honourable amongst fellow men who are able to boldly tell a woman who seems to find solace-turned-affection in them that he is in love with another woman; vice versa. I think mostly the either person tends to appreciate your frankness and indeed steps back and that heightens the respect for each other.”

“More so, I am an indoor person. I am out when it’s time for work and then back home right afterwards. I barely go out to mingle with others that much so I hardly even meet a lot of people, let alone meet women who may want to put to display certain signs to communicate their likeness for me,” he stated.

Briefing on what urged his choice of Radio/TV career over being a Country, Jazz or RnB singer on some acoustic tunes; the ‘EL lover’ noted that while he was very young, his dad only allowed him (and his siblings) to watch and listen to only Radio and TV news.

“It was either BBC news, DWTV news or GTV news and for radio, we were made to listen to GBC Radio and that was just it for you; so over time it sparked my interest to becoming a broadcaster as I grew fond of news anchors and yearned to be like them.” 

Born Elwoode Akuoko Mantey, Mr EL ‘lover’; He is a SUTESCAN and now a Broadcast Journalist who began his radio career with Cape Coast University campus radio, ATL FM; and later moved to SKYY Power FM/ SKYY TV where he served as a reporter and news anchor for both radio and television. He also worked with the first satellite TV in Ghana, Crown Royal Television Network as the head of Radio and TV Content Distribution Department.

Currently at Pluzz 89.9FM, he is the Deputy Content and Creative Manager and the host of Brunch Pluzz which comes off on weekdays from 11am to 1pm.    

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