In spite of all obstacles; Stonebwoy has lived up to expectations

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In spite of all obstacles; Stonebwoy has lived up to expectations

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The collision of accident, disability and talent (creativity) is much-visible that the ‘tortured’ artiste has become a cliché.

Even with depression rising among men and women as artistes; it is worth trying to separate the cliché from the truth it masks. And rather ask whether the connection between talent (creativity) and depression can help us think again about the bigger picture.

Most people refer or regard Stonebwoy to be disabled, but that’s a fallacy.

The real truth of the matter is, he wasn’t born like that. He’s current leg injury was due to a fatal accident he suffered during his early youthful days.

Although he had a lot personal challenges from peers and other calibre of people; he had his mental state reliable, upright and focused. He also knew that he could do the work (Music).

He never took in antidepressants because he could face the flatness anytime, anywhere; yet, he urged on even though it meant the rages and the withdrawals.

In other words, he rather had his own suffering than someone else’s solution.

Analyzing Stonebwoy from then to now; his creativity pulled him out of people’s hopeless thoughts, and as a matter of fact, gave his life a better meaning.

He partook in the Kasahari Rap Battle Show in 2005/2006 (although not sure of the year), then hosted by Dr. Duncan on Adom 106.3FM. The show indeed unveiled many talents on its riding on riddims.

Limping and climbing the stairs all the way up- to the studios of Adom FM; Stonebwoy ‘now’, has indeed proven that ‘no matter the circumstance, you can get there’.

Determination determines ones destiny, and creative genius; Livingstone Etse Satekla, better known as Stonebwoy Burniton is a very promising, respectful, humble, stylish, crafty, great fashion sense, dynamic, and lyrical beast.

As relevant as he is; he solemnly proclaims his love for what he does best, which means he still aspires to go the extra mile with his music career.

He is a living proof that disabilities and accidents, has nothing to do with talent; unless, just maybe one is not willing to pursuit his of her dream.

Stonebwoy has released songs including ‘Not Again’; ‘CantCool’; ‘Pull Up’; ‘Ghetto Love’; ‘Punani’; ‘ComeOver’; ‘More Gyal’, et el.

He has been nominated for the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards categories; ‘Artiste of the year’; ‘Popular song’; ‘Dancehall/Reggae Song’; ‘Best Collaboration’; and ‘Dancehall/ Reggae’ Artiste.’


Editor’s Note: This piece was submitted by John Claude Tamakloe.

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