Kenny Andam’s Scarlet Minor Chronicles novel receives int’l endorsements

Kenny Andam Scarlet Minor

Kenny Andam’s Scarlet Minor Chronicles novel receives int’l endorsements

The African E-News

Scarlet Minor Chronicles, a-five-sequenced book authored by retired Ghanaian world class sprinter-athlete and Chairman of Kenny Andam Company Limited; Kenny Andam has received series of international endorsements ahead of its official launch.

The novel received these international endorsements for “a book well written and an exciting story for generations to come and its prospects into the future.”

The endorsers include Elite Athletes, David West of the Indiana Pacers and now of the San Antonio Spurs; Cuttino Mobley, formerly of the Houston Rockets and LA Clippers; and Rasual Butler of the Washington Wizards of the NBA.

Also endorsing are Celebrity Hollywood actors; Michael Sutton, who was Stone Cates of General Hospital fame; his father, Joe Sutton, founder of Heart of Hollywood; Hiphop superstar, Mwata “Gotti” Mitchell of Boo & Gotti fame.

Furthermore, 57 platinum hit Producer; Vassal Benford has also shared his excitement about the book and its prospects into the future.

The novel also received approval from Hollywood superstars casting; veteran director, Winsome Sinclair of WSA Agency and her team of executives, who are looking forward to their engagement by Roadreams Inc. to undertake the Scarlet Minor project.

Meanwhile, many other endorsements of the Scarlet Minor Chronicles book are being expected the months to come from worldwide.

The five-sequenced book, Scarlet Minor Chronicle will be launched in the course of this month.

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