King David: DJs Must Stop High Payola Charges


King David: DJs Must Stop High Payola Charges

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King David

DAVID KOTEY Neequaye, known in the artistic world as King David of ‘Aye fe notse’ fame, has indicated called on DJs in the country to stop charging huge monies as payola before playing new tracks on their stations.

According to King David, the music industry has improved but for the high payola charges, is better now compared to his era where there were nothing like endorsement between companies and artistes, as well as promoters and event organizers who used to pay peanuts to artistes after performing.
In recent times, “all these people have seen the need to pay artistes what is due them as per the efforts they put in getting their songs out.
In an interview with Heritage Entertainment, he noted that by the grace of God, he has been able to put together a hard working and good management team who have helped to do a remix of a single released in 2004 titled ‘Nnipa bedi ada’.
He said though he has a lot of songs recorded down, he chose to release this particular one first to awaken and alert his fans that he is not missing in the industry.
According to him, the video of the song has already found air space on MultiTV, Crystal TV and a few other TV stations.
“This days promoting a song is not an easy thing to do, therefore we are doing it strategically to gain from our investment and it is not profitable to release an album since various DJs decide on which of your songs to play and the rest will go waste.”
 “Some of us have been in the industry for a while and know how to go about things, but what about the up and coming ones?” he quipped.
He further noted that due to some of these problems, “all you hear is lots of noise with same beats degrading women, all because the good songs are being kept in the dark. I am pleading with the DJs to stop killing with their high payola charges, this tends to dampen our spirit.”
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