Kofi Adjorlolo Ready To Make Peace With FIPAG


Kofi Adjorlolo Ready To Make Peace With FIPAG

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Kofi Adjorlolo 

AFTER SPENDING five months out of the two years ban slapped on him by the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Kofi Adjorlolo has noted that though he has plans to move on, he is still recovering from the ban which came as a surprise to him, “there is the need that I sit down and make unregretable decision as to which branch to take next but for now, I have traveled couple of times and I spend most of my time taking things easy at home.” 

According to Adjorlolo, his main bane is how to take care of his family since he solely depended on what he gains from his work to survive but “professionally, I don’t allow such situations to worry me to the point of weariness moreover, I am not too down to the core and I am a kind of person who for over the years, has been battling well enough with life to withstand issues as this and I know there always will be a way out” he said in an interview.
The renowned actor lamented that due to the ban slapped on him and two other movie personalities, Yvonne Nelson and Ekow Smith Asante, plus the issue of Nollywood personalities who were arrested for working without permit in the country, have had adverse effect on fellow colleagues in industry that they will have to pay $1500 before granted permission to work in Nigeria.
“After being misinterpreted and accused of sounding insultive on the Run down show, hosted by Yaw Sakyi on Tv Africa, I was asked to write a letter of apology and once again appear on the same to re-apologize to the board which I did but till now I have not heard from any one as to whether my apology has been accepted or not, I am still waiting on them”, he explained.
He further indicated that till now no one has called to give reasons for his ban until the time they had in-house argument among themselves concerning their case since “some of the producers did not understand and as well as the Marketing Association of Ghana, who had gone to meet with FIPAG to talk about the ban imposed on us. Now the market is in hot demand for us, which of course is the determining factor of our work and here we are banned” he added.     
Advising his junior colleagues in the movie industry, Adjorlolo noted that the ban imposed on him for the unknown reason, really baffles him and since the cause is still not known, “one cannot determine what will warrant a ban on a person and I know very well that most of the young actors have the passion for their job and so would not go their way to do anything to cause them their work and rather continue to stay focused and determined unless the second party comes out to say or in actions to impose a ban on them .”
Kofi Adjorlolo advised that since already established actors know what the industry is about, they must do their possible best to build an acceptable rapport with producers in the industry, most especially those that they work with, and not in terms of pleasing them.
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