Kofi Amoakohene: Play more Ghanaian music on the night of Ghana DJ Awards


Kofi Amoakohene: Play more Ghanaian music on the night of Ghana DJ Awards

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From left,  Kofi Amoakohene, Teddy Osei of Osibisa fame and Hugh Masekela 

Chief Executive Officer of Scratch Studios Ghana, Kofi Amoakohene has advised organizers of Ghana DJ Awards to see to it that DJs who will be exhibiting their professionalism on the night of the awards tomorrow should be focused on playing more Ghanaian music.
According to him, most Ghanaian DJs seem to focus on playing and promoting more of foreign music than their home country, Ghana music genres, Highlife, Syncos and Hip life which represents our culture in music.
“This practice hinders the growth of our musical identity hence, I recommend that since the event Ghana DJ Awards is purposely to honor our DJs for their immense contributions to the Creative Industry so there should be more Ghanaian music played on the night and on our radio station as there will be a display tent for Syncos music products on the night and the music world”, he indicated.
Syncos music has very well been embraced and appreciated by Ghanaians and beyond as two musicians on the record label, Steve Bedi (Winner of Best Instrumentalist of the Year 2012) and Owura K was nominated for the Best Instrumentalist of the Year in the 2012 Ghana Music Awards.
In a brief highlight on Syncos music which was originated in 2011, he noted that Syncos is a music genre originated by Scratch Studios, a Ghanaian leading record label “it is the synchronization of the rhythm of the traditional Ghana Adowa dance with the rhythm of Afro jazz, Afro rock and Afro beat.”
He further described the integral part of the rhythm to be the usage of the ‘Atumpan’ drum, a traditional musical instrument part of the Fontomfrom drum orchestra and the Gankeke, a sort of cowbells, to vary and maintain the tempo.
Syncos music maintains its cultural authenticity whilst embracing and encompassing change and expansion into the contemporary mainstream musical expression, “it is the ‘Soul’ in African traditional rhythms with the ‘soul’ in other musical spectra into one beautiful world melody”, he added.
The Global Professional Achievers award winner for Entertainment, Kofi Amoakohene said “in a cultural sense, Syncos music is more important than just music, in that it is an audible and living representation of African history, philosophies, ethics, spoken literature, moral values, and social code of conduct, religious beliefs, political thought and aesthetic principles coupled with the emergence of a global village.”
Teddy Osei of the world renowned Osibisa group and Hugh Masekela are known to be the pioneers and fathers of Syncos music genre respectively having had hits on Billboard magazine’s world music charts.
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