Meet Attorney Barry R. Gainsburg; a well-recognized Cannabis Business Attorney & Consultant


Meet Attorney Barry R. Gainsburg; a well-recognized Cannabis Business Attorney & Consultant

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Barry Robert Gainsburg, Esq. alias King Lawyer is a Cannabis Industry and Securities Attorney, who is nationally known in Florida, US and Jamaica has been published on numerous occasions providing keen insight into the cannabis and securities industries. 

Mr. Gainsburg assists clients by providing cannabis business consulting, procuring and negotiating government contracts, providing compliance and regulatory consulting services, draft  various agreements, contracts, securities agreements and filings, Oversee corporate governance and Board issues.

His chamber, Barry Gainsburg P.A. also provides advice on marketing, compliance and public relations matters.

According to Attorney Gainsburg, “Barry Gainsburg P.A. chamber seeks to help clients succeed on their journey of dealing in cannibis by partnering with them to navigate the evolving cannabis and securities laws in a compliant manner.”

He serves as legal advisor for The Marijuana Show, and represents various cultivators, edible producers , dispensaries and other ancillary cannabis businesses. Mr Gainsburg previously served as General Counsel for BioTrackTHC™.

Couple of days back, King Lawyer was in Jamaica to discuss issues pertaining to Medical Ganja Regulations and Licensure with Brother Dereck.
Mr Gainsburg as well addressed audiences at I-ference on Ganja Regulation to the Bredrens and Sistrens in Jamaica.

Attorney Barry R. Gainsburg attended the Johns Hopkins University and Hofstra University Law School.

Visit Attorney Barry Gainsburg’s blog to read his writings and also know more about his Chamber- Barry Gainsburg P.A.

See some photos from King Lawyer’s activities in Jamaica below;


I- Attorney Barry Gainsburg



Brother Dereck speaking with King Lawyer in his Yaad about medical ganja regulations and licensure


Armigiddeon and I with Rasta Wise Elder in MoBay


Mr Gainsburg with his chalice enjoying the sacrament


Ganja nests grown by King Lawyer

Editor’s Note: Photo credit- Attorney Gainsburg.

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