Meet Kenny Andam; the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, inventor, published author, etc.

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Meet Kenny Andam; the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, inventor, published author, etc.

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“Never listen to the people who say ‘NO’ to you because they are always going to be the same people who will say ‘YES’ he/she did ‘IT’ when you accomplish your goals and dreams!” – quote by Kenny Andam.

From Africa to the world, Kenneth Ekow Andam is a retired Ghanaian world class sprinter-athlete; Research Scientist; philanthropist and Innovator and Inventor who has worked with technology, education and natural resources sectors as well as a founding member of some innovative start-up and mid-tier companies in the US and Africa.

He is also tagged as Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, published author and a public speaker, who in his diverse achievements contributed his quota to Africa and the World.

Widely addressed as Kenny Andam, he has been influential in media circles with his avid involvement in focused discussions about global initiatives that have helped shaped business and entrepreneurial zeal of many individuals worldwide.

He featured on CNN Facetime, which was a global sensation that helped many viewers effect changes in their approach towards business and strategic planning of many entrepreneurial ventures. Click to read about it here.

His versatile involvement in contributing to Africa and the world with his inventions, authorship, entrepreneurial skills and impact earned him honorary letters from country leaders including the Mayor of Mexicali and the people of Baja California, (name); former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor and Globally renowned iconic figure and former President of the Republic of South Africa, President Nelson R. Mandela (1918 – 2013), HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, and HRH the Princess of Hanover.

While an active Athlete, he was a Track and Field Star who competed in many international track and field competitions worldwide. He is an Olympian and a four time world championship competitor. He competed in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia and the 2001 World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton Canada.

He is recognized for receiving awards including Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Awards, Mountain West Conference (WMC) Awards, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Awards, All American Honors in Track and Field from 1997-2001, African Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Awards in 2000, World Championship Participation 1999, Africa Junior Champion 1995, and Ghana Inter Regional Athlete of the Year 1995 and still the triple jump record holder for high schools in Ghana, among others.

The Brigham Young University’s Marriott Magazine featured Kenny Andam in its 2001 summer edition, describing him as an athlete and a business leader for entrepreneurs in Africa for his contribution to the business sector of the continent.

He graduated with two BS Degrees from Brigham Young University; one in information systems and the other in economics in 2000. He started his career in the Windows division of Microsoft Incorporation.

As an Innovator and Inventor, Kenny Andam with his Midas touch, has lead the innovation and invention of technologies in the medical transcription, social interactive and collaborative networking, video conferencing visual communications, video interactive security management, transaction processing’s systems, video compressions, and data simulation and analytics management.

Also a philanthropist; he is a supporter of the Education is Freedom advocacy which provides education prospect for children and communities worldwide; and builds education and medical infrastructures in deprived regions of the world.

Known for his engagements on several speaking platforms worldwide, Kenny Andam as a public speaker has contributed to efforts to lead the new generation of African leaders, who are setting the pace for an evolving new marketplace for business and entrepreneurship.

A few of the forums where he has discussed and lectured with elite internationally recognized educators, scientists, politicians, economists and major entrepreneurs are Gauteng Entrepreneurs Convention-Keynote Speaker on “Sustainable Entrepreneurs grow sustainable economy”; and Global a United Nations summit; African leadership academy South Africa-South African ideas festival keynote speaker on the journey as an entrepreneur.

Kenny Andam, as a Research Scientist has worked on African developing processes that bridges the economic gap between first world economies and third world economies using mobile interactive computing and communications and visual communications using web based interactive video peering.

Best described as the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire for the many successful companies and business ventures he has been instrumental in executing and building to major profitability; Kenny Andam has founded some of the world’s most innovative companies in the technology sector and has been instrumental in the growth and development of major technological advancements in the field of video communications and interactive collaborative networking via the internet.

He is the chairman of Kenny Andam Company Limited, an investment company in the US and Africa and the founder of companies including World Vuer Incorporation, a media communication company that has developed proprietary technologies for communicating bandwidth intensive data across any network; and OS Petro, Incorporation which is an oil and gas company with concessions and reserves in Ghana and Namibia.

He is also a co-founder of Globa Incorporation with Johan Meyer that provides mobile banking and mobile remittance to Africans across the continent and their relatives living abroad. Other companies include Side Equity, a company that funds projects in the technology, natural resources, and consumables sector and Big Events, Lexap, a few to mention.

The man with versatile career, is also a published author who authored the ‘Scarlet Minor Chronicles’ novel in 2011. The novel, which is his maiden, tells the story on the career desire of a 16-year old boy-child who yearns to succeed his great-grandfather as a seafarer (sailor).

Scarlet Minor Chronicles comes in five sequences namely Scarlet Minor and the Renegade; Scarlet Minor and the Twin Pikes of Nebo; Scarlet Minor and the Crossed Blades Skull; Scarlet Minor and the Last Atlantic Fleet; and Scarlet Minor and the Isles of Black Gold.

Read all about Kenny Andam via and interact with him on social media platforms as he says, “until you write down a request for information, you will never know what the future might hold for you.

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Twitter: @kennyandam

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