Movie Trailer: ‘Utopia’, a new Kobi Rana movie


Movie Trailer: ‘Utopia’, a new Kobi Rana movie

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Directed by Kobi Rana; the trailer for ‘Utopia’, a new movie has been released.

The trailer depicts the tale of two brothers who engages in brutish crimes aimed at living a cruisy life away from their homeland. On their journey of exploit, they gets to a point of no return where their instinctive reactions comes first as their source of relief.

‘Utopia’ is a movie from the stables of Blue Whale Pictures. It stars great actors including Psalm Adjeteyfio, Irene Opera, Alphonse Menyo, Elikem Kumordzi, and Cecilia Asilevi, a few to mention.

The movie opens in theatres soon.

watch trailer below:

Ediotr’Note: Edited piece.

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