Music duet 2Toff cancels the Ø linking them to Solo


Music duet 2Toff cancels the Ø linking them to Solo

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Former 2Toff group members, Richard Oguns & Ulrich Addy -Redeye

So many are the issues pertaining to artistes, their management and record label; Music duet, Red Eye (Nature) and Oguns well known as 2Toff America became a household name upon the release of ‘Ateaa’ way back 2006 under Nature Works Records, managed by Atta Tei cannot be exempted.

The goodwill-thinking man, Atta Tei was said to have come up with the idea that the duet return to their motherland, Ghana from the States to really start music which he assured them of managing their record label, Nature Works.

Knowing the nature of their work and his responsibilities as a manager, Atta Tei, now 2Toff’s official manager was also said to have provided the duet with a house, car and as well as taken care of their needs. 

But what I don’t understand is the extent Atta Tei went persuading the music group change their various religious beliefs (tuba) into becoming full time Moslems when they actually gained stand in the industry. Anyways, 2Toff America had no unruly with that since they say ‘when you love someone, you love everything about him or her.

Well, 2Toff under the management of Atta Tei released such songs as ‘Ateaa’ featuring Castro, ‘Ayee fe nots3’, ‘Funtufu Ne Fu’ featuring Okra , ‘Baako’, ‘Tsofe’ and ‘Won Nba’ on their début album dubbed, ‘Oblayoo’ and ‘It go be so’, ‘Ofri djato’, ‘Odo munsemsem’ on the group’s second album titled ‘Odo munsemsem’ until financial crisis showed up at the doors of Nature Works in 2007 and there and then, the duet ‘away-bass’ back to the States.

After their parting with Atta Tei, too many confusing issues came up especially when the studio, Nature Works was set up in Atta Tei’s abode and he registered it on their behalf, they just didn’t want to have anything to do with the label any longer hence they moved on and returned to the States.

Since they had nobody to support them let alone record the name 2Toff varnished into thin air without any trace until a Good Samaritan and friend, Otis Peprah, well known as OP, a Canadian-based Ghanaian.

He was the producer of ‘Fa me k3k3’ by Adams and SK Blinks came to their rescue and jointly set up the studio named Loyal Entertainment Records in Ghana. After the setup, they released ‘Abrabo munsem’ in the States and ‘Mea Weizolo’ on the Back Again album in Ghana in 2010. 

Once again, they disappeared and returned with much enthusiasm per their personal record label named 2Toff Records in 2011. Red Eye was said to have studied sound engineering during their stay in America hence the brain behind the group’s beats as well as ‘for the Popping’ bu Kwaw Kese featuring Opanka, ‘Ghetto Arise’ by Edem among others while Oguns was also supporting the brother and working tireless on their songs.

As humans, we all have our ups and downs likewise 2Toff who are two different personalities and having different opinions they are likely to conclude decisions on rough grounds yet still be working together.

But unfortunately for the duet, so many issues ensued between at the beginning of the year without solutions and decisions making for the well-being of the group were also discussed without high voices from both men trying to get their suggestions respected by each other and attitude accepted on a silver platter without discomfort.

Barely 5 months ago, the duet, Red Eye Nature and Oguns (then 2Toff) decided to join the likes of Last 2, Wutah, Echo, Irene and Jane, KK Fosu-Kokoveli-Samini friends group, Asem-Eazzy-Lynx and D3 just a few to mention in the ‘once-upon-the-time wonderful and embracing music group association’.

I presume they both couldn’t bear the high temperature of heat rising between them and not able to cope with each other’s ‘wahala’ therefore canceled the ‘Ø’ that linked them together as 2Toff America.

The same story line most divorced ‘once-upon-the-time’ beautiful music groups had used, ‘we feel Ghanaians are tired of the brand’ but is that the same with 2Toff America, an ECG-like music group like theirs? I think we rather need more of them.

Oh! so because Red Eye does more of his raps in Ga and English and Oguns does his rap in Twi and English is that a good cause to feel Ghanaians are tired of their brand or they are just acting the compliments they receive to do separate songs to please the Ga-people and the Twi-people?

As usual, they both going solo but Oguns seem to desire that their solo-break will be just for some time and then reunite with his long time brother, Red Eye Nature who cried on each other’s shoulders when the ‘Ofri djatos’ snatched their girlfriends although he is not sure as to when they are reuniting.

Meanwhile, Red Eye Nature is busy releasing singles after their split five months ago with songs as ‘Ups and downs’ and ‘Chameleon love’ among others without the mention of 2Toff America, the duets signature in either of his songs. This show how deep the matter is.

This clearly shows that their split was quite with intent as Red Eye doesn’t seem to want to have anything doing with the name, 2Toff he and Oguns had hustled and tussled to gain grounds and embraced by Ghanaians.

Maybe he really needed the split to move-on but then again although Oguns is not out with any solo track yet; but are they going to let their toiled name, 2Toff die off just like that? 

Honestly, I was very saddened when I heard the news because these two never-given up men, Oguns and Red Eye have really come far through thick-and-thorns since the limelight pointed their direction so why the break up now?

I just can’t believe they couldn’t hold on to at least complete recording their ‘Still 2Toff’ album even when they have 4 songs already cooked in the studio and maybe split afterwards… Too bad guys!

Sighs… as the norm of nature says, to everything there is a reason, no matter how big or small and/or simple or complicated an issue is. Both then 2Toff America music group have either realistic reasons for their break up. Good Luck now Oguns and Red Eye Nature!
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