“My daughter, I have made you a professional f**l, said the Lord”


“My daughter, I have made you a professional f**l, said the Lord”

The African E-News

With God having his very own plans for every human; Ghanaian-born Comedienne, Jacinta has indicated that although shoe could have been a banker or worked with a corporate establishment, the Lord proclaimed unto her life, “My daughter, I have made you a professional f**l.”

According to her, the Lord’s plan for her is way bigger than what she wishes stating, “I don’t know what would have become of me if I had forced my way into becoming the banker or that corporate worker but for His will, here I am enjoying myself.”

“And also, adding more lifespan to people I come into contact with be it during Comedy shows and my everyday life and that is one major reason I look forward to a better and outstanding #GhComedy this year ,” she added.

Apparently a religious person, Jacinta noted that her Comedy life started in church in 2009 which was for mere fun, but “I began to see it as a career as I grew older and exposed more of my comic side wherever I find myself; and that was when I realized making people laugh is the greatest gift one can give to mankind.”

Upon realization, according to her, she started doing a lot more research and getting close to people who were blazing the trail in Nigeria but came to Ghana to pursue both educational and comic career in 2012.

“I was much-determined to carve a niche for myself, not just as a comedienne but also an entertainer; even though I didn’t meet an equally buzzing comedy industry in Ghana,” she declared.

With just few women in this male-dominated field, Jacinta indicated, “I don’t find the men competitive because everyone is unique in their own different ways as in this field as well as other careers, skill is everything so if a man or woman can do it why not.”

“It’s an equal given,” adding, “my biggest challenge rather is making the average Ghanaian to laugh as sometimes you see the laughter on their faces but they just don’t want you to hear it yet I desire to make people happy.”

Born Jacinta Ocansey, she aspires to becoming a world-recognized comedienne and entertainer in few years to come.

Appreciating, “I am grateful to the entire #GhComedy crew, James Brown, David Oscar, DKB, Foster, Khemikals, Ajeezay, and everybody who has made it an effort to support #GhComedy.”

She encouraged Ghanaians to endeavour to attend ABBA Investments’ 2015 F14 Concert which she has been billed to perform along with Amakye Dede, R2Bees, Criss Waddle, DKB, Abenkwaen, Nana Quame, a few to mention at the Accra International Conference on February 14.

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