New Artiste: Baafour releases ‘Daa Daa’


New Artiste: Baafour releases ‘Daa Daa’

The African E-News

Releasing his debut single, ‘Daa Daa’ (Always); Emmanuel Amankwah Baafour, showbiz name Baafour is a promising artiste to have joined the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry.

Aimed at contributing to the appreciation of love and women; Baafour’s debut song talks about being ‘always’ being there for the love of his love.

The song, ‘Daa Daa’ is produced by Ridim Boss, winner of the Best Dancehall Producer at the 2015 BASS Awards.

Baafour is under the management of Mugen Vision Label, a Ghana-based label owned by founder, Emmanuel Arhin (Bossu Kule).

Hear ‘Daa Daa’ below: 

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