New Awesome feature on Music Maker Jam App; VOICE RECORDING


New Awesome feature on Music Maker Jam App; VOICE RECORDING

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International Music App developing company, MAGIX is thrilled to announce the release of one of its requested features on Music Maker Jam, the ‘Voice Recording’.

A few key features that come with the Voice Recording are – New Voice Recording Feature for iPhone and Android (coming soon on iPad); – New UI for Android phones & tablets; – New Style Packages available.

According to the CEO of MAGIX, Jürgen Jaron, in a release sent in; “With more than 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6, Music Maker Jam is one of the leading music apps worldwide. Among all the feedback that we’ve been receiving from our users, voice recording has been the most frequently requested update.”

“We’re very proud to have finally implanted this feature in a clever way and can’t wait to hear our users results!” he added.

The new feature, Voice Recording on Music Maker Jam, makes it possible to now record vocals, raps or sounds and seamlessly integrate these into productions.

Hence, millions of iPhone and Android phone users will now be able to use the free app not only to
make their own music but also to add vocals to their songs.

The update also brings a whole new design experience to the Android platform. It brings additional features and fresh look on Android design as the voice recording release introduces a whole new look for Android.

A smooth black and white design with stylish details provides a fresh look and feel, and all important app areas are now accessible directly from the home screen. And one of the biggest improvements is the new loop selector on the mixer screen.

A tap on the loop name is now all it takes to mix loops from different style packages into one song and with one click accessible sharing options round off the new Music Maker Jam experience.

The entire App makes it easy to create music without any previous production experience and this is an intuitive interface which lets you easily mix and arrange loops and produce complete songs. And with more than 100 style packages, the App provides an impressive range of genres from Hiphop to dubstep, trap and rock and thousands of samples to choose from.

The release of the new Voice Recording feature on Music Maker Jam marks just the first in a series of exciting new features to be launched in the coming weeks. Music Maker Jam is already renowned for achieving professional results with minimal effort.

The upcoming feature releases will give users even more ways to express their true musical prowess.

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MAGIX is a leading international provider of high-quality software, online services and digital content for multimedia communications.

Since 1993, MAGIX has developed leading technologies for creating, editing, managing and presenting photos, graphics, videos and music.

MAGIX operates internationally from branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

The product range is targeted towards both laymen and professionals alike, going beyond the PC platform to include seamlessly integrated online and mobile applications.



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