New Gospel act, Wegei set to release ‘Osoro Fie’


New Gospel act, Wegei set to release ‘Osoro Fie’

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Prevailing Ghanaian gospel musician-cum-philanthropist, Patience Aseweh Abor; stage named, Wegei, is set to release her first single titled, ‘Osoro Fie’ in the coming weeks.

Doubling as a professional nurse by training and a lecturer at the University Of Ghana Business School; Wegei has indicated that although she is more of an academic person; she finds it necessary to exhibit and pursue her God giving talent to a great accomplishment.

She said, “I cannot do away with my music interest”, indicating that her love for good music led her to producing ‘Osoro Fie’ in an interview Adwoa PR.

Asked how she is able to combine the demanding academic schedule with her family life, music and running of her NGO, Wegei’s answer was simple:

“It’s just by the grace of God. I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have no strength of my own and I’m eternally grateful to God for being my main source of strength.”

According to her, she is here to establish a reputation in the gospel music industry and help the vulnerable as well.

Wegei often envisions herself making that kind of great contributions to humanity, “the passion and discipline required to bring great things into fruition is my ultimate dream.”



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