Nino’s performance at TEDx Accra 2015; impressive & unique!

Nino Tedx

Nino’s performance at TEDx Accra 2015; impressive & unique!

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Ghanaian Contemporary Opera Singer, Nino’s performance at TEDx Accra was hailed as ‘thrilling with an impressive unique vocal texture for Opera Music held at the National Theater on April 11, 2015.

Prior to Nino’s performance at TEDx Accra, according to him, he spent 15minutes in the Shower working on his Pitching and did 2hours of only listening 20days to the event; “The challenged has always not been the event or the Number of audience I’m meeting but rather, I should sound better than my previous performances and I know I did it!.”

He further noted that the show meant a lot to him, since he didn’t want the mishap during a previous performance of two embraced Nuslam songs,’Nessun Dorma’ and ‘Conte Partiro’ on a Bigger stage, where he lost his voice. Therefore, “this was the moment to perform Opera’s greatest hits again”.

His performance at TEDX Accra was one that will forever be remembered as his Saxophonist; Ekow Joe took Opera to another level of appreciation.

“The power of music transcends race, culture, disability or social standing. Music is endless. Music is powerful. Music is universal.” Nino added.

Nino, who is known as one of opera’s promising voices seeking to add his Creative Twist to make Opera music more contemporary. His infatuation with opera can be ascribed to nature rather than nurture.

Without any formal Training in Opera yet challenging himself by performing almost all Opera’s Greatest Hits, Nino is a becoming a Black tenor to enter into the History Books of World Music.

Nino is currently preparing for his ‘WAT-World Tour 2015’.

Editor’s Note: A submitted piece by Adwoa PR.

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