Oheneba Kissi To Thrill Fans Again


Oheneba Kissi To Thrill Fans Again

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Oheneba Kissi
UNTIL THE MUSIGA elections, Oheneba Kisi of ‘Odo ya ka bribi kyereme’ fame, has been missing in the musical scene for some years. According to him, his long silence was due to difficulties associated with coming up with an album nowadays.
He lamented that as soon as an artiste comes up with a song, it easily gets downloaded compared to those days when piracy was not at higher rate. Musicians could to sell up to 500,000 copies.
Speaking in an interview with The Heritage Entertainment crew, he revealed that for all his lifetime in the music industry, he has been recording in Germany and with that now, “you need a plane ticket which is not less than $1500, a recording fee between €5000 and €7000 and by the time you get through a full album, you might have spent over €10,000 including feeding among other expenses.
“After spending this amount on an album, you then come back home to promote the songs on the album and to get a DJ to play the songs, they also take GH¢100 for each song without considering the fact that you recorded on a high expenditure. They rather think because you are outside the country, you are rich”, he added.
Oheneba further indicated that breaking through in the industry has become very difficult now hence, getting back the money you invest into bringing out a song or an album is difficult with the help of pirates.
Not to worry, he assured his fans that he soon will get on track once again to do his usual ‘things’ revealing that he has a gig tour to embark on in Amsterdam this Easter.
On how he is fairing with his position as the Treasurer at the Musicians Union of Ghana, Oheneba noted that the Union is at the elementary stage, thus, “this position was not recognized by its name in the Union over the past years but in this era, we are trying to establish every office under the Union officially to enable every responsibility recognized.”
He explained that the union only had the president’s office in use but now measures are being taken place to have an office to the various sectors of the Union and as well employ workers to serve and “though we resumed the office few months now, I am with the belief that things will be sort out in a period of time to favor all of us by March this year.”

This was published on January 13, 2012 in The Heritage Newspaper.
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