Old Sodja To Entertain Soldiers …Military Men Even On Peace Keeping Missions


Old Sodja To Entertain Soldiers …Military Men Even On Peace Keeping Missions

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Old Sodja

OLD SODJA, known in real life as Abdul Karim Sadiq Abubakar, of ‘Mafi woano dede’ fame, has indicated that he will soon embark on a tour dubbed ‘bridging the gap between the military and civilian services’ which he is still working on with his management.

Though it sounds weird as to what a musician has got to do with the armed forces, as his name portrays it no surprise as he explains that his choice of tour is due to the pressure between these two personas, “there have been situations where a person has some vital information that can help the nation as a whole but for the bad relationship between them, it becomes very difficult releasing these info’s to the military.”
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Heritage Entertainment, he indicated that for the fear of being held as a culprit, the person with the information would rather prefer to allow whatever is happening go on without approaching the military service.
According to him, the tour is also to enlighten the ordinary Ghanaian on some of the basic knowledge and techniques of the military service with the aim of bringing some closeness between these two group of people, “it’s a nationwide tour and if possible anytime any Ghanaian soldier goes for peace keeping mission, my crew and I will be there to entertain them and I ask my fans to go on and support me.”
On what he has been up to aside planning his tour, Old Sodja noted that after his second album which gained an enormous airplay with ‘she dey bii oo’, and is currently working massively on his third album dubbed ‘Bounce’ with 13 tracks and also yet to be promoted via various media platforms.
He mentioned some challenges as the difficulties in getting a produce to help in bringing out a song which one will have to fight hard to get to the top and “I mean I just don’t want to go further though the challenges am facing aren’t that severe, that is all I can say for now.”
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