Pan-African digital media store, Adziik launches in Ghana


Pan-African digital media store, Adziik launches in Ghana

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It is certainly a good time for Ghanaian musicians to make the most of their music with the introduction of Pan African digital media store in the country, Adziik (

Meaning ‘Music’ in Fang language; Ghanaian musicians have every reason to be excited as they can now reach the larger African market with the opportunity of making financial gains as without doubts, music has moved from being a pastime to become a multi-million dollar industry around the globe.

In recent years; one may describe music as a source of income for musicians as well as other professionals within the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

With the goal of offering a wide variety of music, books and movies from Africa and its Diaspora; Adziik is a Pan-African digital media store that has its main objective focused on fostering legal consumption of African artwork and allow artists to benefit from their work.

The goal of the digital media store is to become the platform of choice when it comes to the promotion of African culture on a global scale.

Well-established in Francophone Africa including Senegal, Mali, Gabon, etc.; users of Adziik are able to make purchases using the traditional payment methods such as buying music with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express and mobile money payments.

This makes it possible for people who do not have bank accounts or credit cards to enjoy the content and make music purchases online.

The Pan-African digital media store has been launched at a perfect period giving the opportunity to African musicians to make financial gains in other parts of the continent and outside Africa. Unlike, major digital media stores such as iTunes which is not available to the unbanked and does not sell much of the local music that Africans listen to which constitutes 70% of the music business in Africa; only renowned African artistes or those from the Diaspora have access to it and even that access is limited.

In effect, Ghanaian musicians who sign on to Adziik can sell their songs in Ghana, in Francophone, Lusophone and other Anglophone African countries, in the Caribbean and finally in the US and Europe.

The online platform ( is launched as Adziik engages various stakeholders in building the biggest pan-African and international catalog for its African consumers and for the rest of the world.


Aziik offer to the Ghanaian music industry

Adziik enjoys a unique position in the market, working with the people at every level of the supply chain; record labels, managers and producers, who need an outlet for their artistes and finally music distributors.

It as well values transparency and autonomy, artistes and authors can directly sell their work, manage their content, study their fan base and monitor their sales. In addition, Adziik works with producers and artistes to seal music distribution deals.

Adziik offers a vast array of services, from a selection of prepaid cards to signature live sessions with a cutting edge technology which enables legal access to music for the consumer while allowing local African artists and young authors to benefit from Adziik at no cost.

With its headquarters in Gabon and offices in New York City, Tanzania; Adziik will soon have its Ghana and Senegal headquarters.

Adziik is joining the digital revolution by transforming the way art is shared and consumed in Africa.


Editor’s Note: Submitted by Adziik’s Country Manager, Chris Koney.

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