Rahim Banda, Maame Serwah needs varied roles… enough of the usual!


Rahim Banda, Maame Serwah needs varied roles… enough of the usual!

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                                                                   As written in Proverbs 22:6, ‘Train up a

Whiz-kid actor, Rahim Banda

child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it’. But some parents of this generation seem to have totally forgotten that the kind of up-bring, responsibilities and decisions they make for their children, though might be seen as the right path, can as well affect their way of thinking and living their lives without them.
As the wise saying goes, ‘Life is full of surprises accompanied by experiences’; that is exactly what our movie and music industries puts in as much efforts to depict sometimes their personal, people and/or imaginary life experiences to help educate the world.
But as pathetic ignorant attitudes portrayed by most youth of this generation, almost everything (be it good or bad) they see in movies, music videos and songs they hear entice them. Matters worsen when the characters in some of these movies and music videos are their favorites who deliver their roles admirably.
Well patronized role models include the likes of Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, Ebi Bright, Martha Ankomah, Nana Ama McBrown, Akua Ataa ‘Kyeiwaa’, Mercy Aseidu, Vivian Jill, Emilia Brobbey, Jocelyn Dumas, Naa Ashorkor, Maame Serwah, Omotola, Mercy Johnson, James Gardiner, Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Adjetey Annang, Agya Koo, Bill Asamoah, Rahim Banda, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne, Kwaku Manu, Alatiawe, Idikoko and Chris Attoh, just as few to mention. 
Although children in the Ghanaian Movie Industry are very few; well-liked kids, deluxe whiz-kid actor, Rahim Banda (Accra-based) and the famous ‘Kumasiano’ witch-kid, Maame Serwah (Clera Benson) can never be disputed of their great acting cleverness among their co-kid actors. 
These two kids have something very much in common but opposite in terms of their screen works; same scene character with different script roles in movies.
Rahim Banda ever since he joined the movie industry in 2011 is always seen acting the goody-comfy and sometimes a ‘modernized wizard’ (magician) in a lead or supporting roles who may just be having quire challenges memorizing his scripts and satisfying movie directors.
Instead of letting him face realities of life’s challenging moments, he is at all times the son of wealthy parents which to me is nothing new to Rahim who is already exposed to such luxurious living because his lovely father, Alhaji Banda alias Bandex is a blessed well-to-do man. 

Witch-kid actress, Maame Serwah
Unlike Maame Serwah, who was a pioneer contestant in the maiden edition of Talented Kids on TVAfrica whose background though I cannot confirm is from a well-to-do or destitute home yet always given roles of a suffering child who ends up being ‘demonic’.
Her challenges may just be the ‘tough’ translation of the English written script to the local dialect, Twi as she is already good at what she does in terms performing.
Even if it’s the movie directors who always give her known-usual scripts to act; can’t she for once reject her one-way role and ask for other roles or these movie directors only recognize her witchy-act talent in the name of nurturing her talent or they feel that’s all she’s got in her? 
I beg to ask, are Maame Serwah’s parents not ‘responsible’ enough to discuss with these movie directors to minimize trooping in with such scripts for the wellbeing and good up bring of their daughter? Oh, I read she seem to have chosen acting-tour to school and that confirms their irresponsibility.
Since her parents seem much interested in the money their daughter is bringing home, the entire world pray they don’t regret when she starts apportioning blames later when she is all grown up and things don’t go as she expects!
With the kind of character she is always seen depict in movies, I am sure to say it might as well be affecting her persona in real life and as well causing her a mood-swing disorder prior to her usual roles. Societal perception about her screen life is very worrying. 
In my opinion, I think these unwitting kids are being inflicted with the roles given by movie producers ‘in the name of helping them nurture their God giving talents’ and out of parental-ignorance and naiveté’s; they also look out for fame without thinking twice of the negative impact these relentless roles can affect their kids as they grow. The phrase ‘in-future’ no more exits because the future is now!!! 
I humbly present my CHANGE OF ROLE petition through this write up to all movie directors, script writers and those hoping to work with these kids must endeavor to approach them with new roles preferably a role that will help Rahim Banda learn the realities of how kids from deprived homes survive with or without the support of their parents. 
And Maaame Serwah also be given roles that girls at her age are facing in reality as well as the luxuries Rahim has been enjoying both on and off the screen. She needs to act her age, therefore movie directors must end giving her grown up roles. She is a student in her adolescent stage hence needs to be well guided.  
Movies have possible impacts on its performer and viewers; the performer educates, nurtures and steps up his or her game in a negative or positive change when off and on screen. The viewer learns, entertains and practices what they see in movies either in a negative or positive way as well.
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