Rahim Banda, Too Young For His Roles


Rahim Banda, Too Young For His Roles

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Rahim Banda

YES INDEED Rahim Banda is a great actor who with flawless skills and performance can go very far in the movie industry if he is to take up acting as a profession among his peers in the acting field which of course every one of us find him outstanding when watching his movies.

The nine year old boy has starred in such movies as Millions and the Beast from the stables of Venus Films Production, Masters of the Game from Bandex Film Production and Behind the Mask, another heart-thrilling movie which is being advertised on various TV stations in the country as well as Afia Schweasnega.
Though we saw him play short scenes in the Venus Films productions, he has managed to clutch the attention of movie lovers and most especially the computer fraudsters (computer ‘sakawa’) who might have in turn taken brainwave from him with the truth that a child as he is, could play such a difficult and challenging role in that professional way and possibly will also describe him as a very tough and a non-compared to ‘baby-actor’.
Many are the movies that we see children speak and act in a matured manner that marvels society as to how they are able to capture all the lines in the scripts given them but come to think of it, have you ever in any way contemplated on how such roles can affect our prospective leaders since the youth nowadays always want to have a feel of everything they hear and see and as the scriptures say ‘Train up a child the way he should go so that when he grows he will not depart from it’ in Proverbs 22:6.
In a phone interview with Heritage Entertainment, Bandex, father of Rahim Banda on what the bible says concerning the training of our children, he noted that the kind of training, guidance and relationship he has built with his children, they will not go wayward and he has trained his son well and has the confidence that the boy will not have too much freedom to do whatever he like.
According to the trusty father noted that his children are his friends and he treats them as matured people and so does not see Rahim as a kid but rather gets astonished at his ‘baby boy’ anytime he sees him do things beyond his imagination and accomplishes any task given him to the perfection and satisfaction which is not expected of him at his age and will at anytime detect any changes in him.
He revealed many are the scripts I have received from competent movie producers to permit him showcase more of his God giving talent but I have held on to them because most of them is in the form of Masters of the Game where he was used as the whiz kid moreover if I really want him to take acting as a profession, I would have easily allowed him go on with all the scripts I have with me.”
He advised that parents to build a very good relationship with their children irrespective of their activities and ignore the strictness which will rather add up to getting the child scared and messed up to share their problems with them and as well enable them in realizing their talents and achieving their goals for their future through good guidance.
Published on the January 11,2012 in The Heritage Newspaper
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