‘Read A Book’ Campaign set for June to educate children & parents in rural areas


‘Read A Book’ Campaign set for June to educate children & parents in rural areas

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‘READ A Book’ Campaign, an initiative drive organized by Enixel & Hodna that seeks to bring together parents and children from along the coast of the Western Region, giving them a primary goal which is educated has been scheduled for June 15 & 16 2012 respectively.

The cardinal objectives of this event is to educate children in the rural areas, giving them reason to believe in learning and also educating their parents to not give up on their dreams whilst having fun at the same time as ultimately, the nation at large will benefit from these children if their talents are unearthed in their formative years.

Providing a platform where education and entertainment is fused together, a unique catch slapped over this project is having some celebrities act as tutors on the set days of the project as it is believed to go a long way to properly enforce lessons learnt to greater heights.

The campaign objects to provide accessible education to children in the rural villages with decent school facilities, instructional materials and educational supplies as well as create the awareness of inadequacies existing in rural education, the gap between rural and urban schools and to design programs to help bridge these gaps.

It also seeks to raise funds and other resources required to educate the children in rural villages, promote interest in education and self-reliance particularly amongst the youths and their families in the rural villages and to encourage and motivate educators to participate in the education of children and youths in the rural villages. And to provide other resources such as scholarships, school uniforms and supplies that may allow students the opportunity to attend school

Activities outlined for the event include a visit to the village prior to the event weekend to discuss our mission and possible help from the elders of the village, celebrity volunteers arriving from Accra and settling in and a night out with all the volunteers to get them comfortable and well briefed for the weekend.
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