Ruff N Smooth Sign Unto New Label …As News Dawn On Empire Entertainment Rep.


Ruff N Smooth Sign Unto New Label …As News Dawn On Empire Entertainment Rep.

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Ruff N Smooth signing onto Hype Record 

Drifting from the Empire Entertainment, the swagger boys, Ruff N Smooth, now with the slogan “Larger than Life” has sealed a deal of three years with their new record label, a Canada-based label, Hype Records at the Citizen Kofi in Accra.

The firm decision taken by duo to go a step higher than expected and also take the mantle to a new dimension of going international, appears to have dawn on the Empire Entertainment, though the Chief Executive, Bola Ray, had a representative on his behalf.
Responding in a cold and uncheerful mood to questions asked, the Head of Production and Manager Of Empire Entertainment, Daniel Obeng (Cedis), explained to The Heritage, “I was just put on the spot to address all those issues because Bola was suppose to be in that chair but my coming here was just to witness as they sign on to a new record label.”
He indicated that it is all good that they have decided to move onto a different label because “it is their decision and what can you about it, do we force them to stay, no, we can’t do that, so we give them our blessings to help them go on with their career.”
On assessment, he mentioned that there were a few challenges and successes working with group, and “though we were able to make provision for a new apartment and cars, we have done enough on our part, it would have been different had we not done what we were suppose to do, at least we had their first album out, they have travelled to about seven countries, performed on big stages like the Big Brother Africa and have also received an international award from Nigeria within a period of a year” he noted.
“You can imagine the improvement we could have impacted in their lives if they had moved to the next stage with us, maybe that was the reason why I wasn’t too happy because I thought we could have done a lot more”, he lamented.
He assured that the label now has Guru on their bill, so if Hype Records want to take the mantle to get them to the limit they want to get to, then we wish them all the best.”
Meanwhile, Ricky Osei Agyeman, known as Bullet told this paper that when they signed on to Empire Entertainment, all eyes were on them and “Bola Ray, being a big man in the industry, we had to fulfill the expectations of Ghanaians that were looking for good music, thus our first single ‘Swagger’ and ‘Sex machine’, which was a hit and, the challenging aspect was bringing out their best with good music which indeed we did, but in all we do appreciate all what they did for us.”
He emphasized that they had no issues with their former record label and assured that they never will disappoint their fans; they should rather expect an improved Ruff N Smooth and not as one-time hit musicians who vanish into thin air after their first debut, “today, we jump with Hype Records to higher level where its Smoother N Rougher.”
Please note that this piece was published on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.
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