“See ‘payola’ as an investment” – Qwabena Addo

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“See ‘payola’ as an investment” – Qwabena Addo

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Manager of Afro-Soul/Pop/R&B, Irene Logan; Qwabena Addo, has suggested to musicians that they can best sell their brands and music if they think of ‘payola’ as another mode of investment instead of the charge some DJs ask from them.

He made this statement in an interview with Mr. EL on Pluzz FM’s Mid-Morning show.

He further noted that the very people who say no to payola are the very ones who indulge in it; therefore, as far as management of artiste is concerned, more work needs to be done to push a brand into the mind of the public.

Qwabena Addo, who doubles as the Marketing Manager for Brand Minds Ghana, said he believes that although ‘payola’ is not the ideal way to sell artistes’ brand.

Adding that it can yield more dividends for artistes if they enter into contractual agreements with DJs to play their songs as they pay them.

He has managed several artistes including Iwan, Irene Logan and currently managing Highlife legend, Felix Owusu.


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