Still ongoing – O J Blaq


Still ongoing – O J Blaq

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O J Blaq< the biggie boy lover

ANDREW NII Akrashie, better known as O J Blaq of ‘Biggie Boy lover,’ has indicated that after parting ways with Lynx Entertainment, God in His own way has blessed him to overcome some ‘big’ challenges and that he is currently working on his 2ndalbum at the Moni 3 Studios.

Speaking to The Heritage, O J noted that he is through with five songs and currently promoting his sixth single on the album which features Lazy of V.I.P fame titled ‘No. 1’ and will start showing the video on various TV stations soon.

He indicated that on this album, he has a track ‘wim’ (sky) with one great artiste from Malawi named Dessert Eagle. He said the video will be rolling on TV in no time and that he is working closely with Orakle Blaque media to make the dream come true. “In all, I think I have a lot on my sleeves to show my fans and Ghanaians. I am also working on a movie set.”

According to him, one of the challenges has been funding of the whole project since there is no executive producer and proper record labels to take care of the music scenes and other projects. I will be grateful if any corporate organization comes to our aid to work hand in hand and definitely GH music will go far if they invest in the music industry.”

Commenting on the Ghana Music Awards, O J spewed out his disappointment in not having Tiffany as a nominee in the new artiste of the year category, indicating that “I am not saying that D. Krym’s ‘kill me shy’ is not supposed to be in that category but it was released a year before Tiffany’s ‘fake London boy’ so why side line her?”
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