“Concept for ‘Pressure’ video is deeper than what was portrayed”

“Concept for ‘Pressure’ video is deeper than what was portrayed”

The African E-News

Doubts were raised as to why the BhimNation leader, Stonebwoy in the video of his debut collaboration piece with Akoo Nana on ‘Pressure’, didn’t see him and the starred naked woman on the same scene and why he would involved himself in such an indecent video.

In a previous article by AmaLarbieAfrica which analysed the video, it questioned reasons behind Stonebwoy’s seeming distance from the starred naked woman, unlike the ‘known for indecency promoter’, Akoo Nana was on almost all the scenes with the plumb lady.

The 2015 VGMA Artiste of the year has responded to the questions in chitchat with AmaLarbieAfrica, which included – ‘Could it be that he actually didn’t like the lady they agreed to star in the video or he just couldn’t take the ‘pressure’ from the lady’s seductive moves?

According to the ‘Kunaani’ singer, “The video concept of Pressure was deeper than what was portrayed, although it was well performed.”

Adding, “and going close to the starred female in the ‘Pressure’ video indeed bred pressure”; although he appeared to have enjoyed the live stripping and twerks which went on during the video shoot.

The BhimNation leader has a similar, but way off decent women in his ‘Kunaani’ video; but although the above reasons given by him answers the questions, the understanding isn’t clear why he shoot the video even when there was ‘high-tensioned’ pressure during the shoot?

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