Tarantula Rubra Band, others thrill patrons @ Italian Cultural Week

TarantulaRubraBand italy

Tarantula Rubra Band, others thrill patrons @ Italian Cultural Week

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In anticipation of Italian Embassy in Ghana’s Cultural week, an Italian Music Concert was staged with the aim of celebrating the rich Italian culture with Italians in Ghana as well as Ghanaians at Alliance Francaise on Friday, October 17.

Welcoming patrons, Ambassador of Italy, Laura Capini, said, “This year’s programme is to exhibit Italian Contemporary architecture showcase performance.”

She explained what Tarantism is all about, “Tarantism is a very ancient musical and dancing tradition associated with the Southern region of Puglia.”

“This music and its dance were used to treat women and sometimes men who, while working in the fields would be bitten by tarantulas and have convulsions and symptoms of madness. Local musicians would then be called to play this very rhythmic and obsessive music,” she elaborated.

She further noted that the performance and concert offered in Accra will try to showcase common features between “tarantism” and traditional Ghanaian music.

Ambassador Laura Carpini expressed gratitude to some organizations for their support including GhanaWeb Ventures, Casa Trasacco, Consar Limited, De Simone Group; and other institutions including the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Department of Architecture (KNUST)

The Concert

The concert started with a performance by Tarantula Rubra Band, dubbed, ‘Twins Rhythms’.

Tarantula Rubra Band, a 6-member band, demonstrated to the audience the rhythm of the pizzica played by Federico while Alessandra and Franco joyfully showcased their dance moves called ‘love pizzica’, the mating dance of Taranta.

The audience was conquered by the irresistible rhythm and the highly symbolic movements of the dance.

The musical band performed traditional songs from ‘Salento’.

Massimillianano De Marco, a guitarist and a lead vocalist, also performed a love song titled ‘Malakanta’ which patrons danced off their feet.

There were performances with the Italians and University of Ghana, School of performing Art with a great collaboration.

In an interview with the Deputy Director of Alliance Francaise and Head of Cultural Department, Audrey Destadan said she was so glad to hear the great collaboration and concept performed by Ghanaians with the Italian band.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, an audience, Pragyon Roy expressed his joy about the performance of Tarantula band especially with the lead Vocalist. She said it has been a good cultural information, exciting and education and would never forget it.

The Italian Cultural Week Celebration continues with the following activities:

– On Saturday, October 18 at 6pm, there will be a film titled ‘Pinocchio’ by Luigi Comencini with Nino Manfredi at the Residence of the Italian Ambassador, Dakar Avenue, Airport Residential Area

– Monday, October 20 at 10a.m, there will be an exhibition of Italian Contemporary Architecture. At 7pm, there will be another film titled ‘Generazione Mille’.

– On Tuesday, October 21, there will be a film at the Goethe Institute at 7pm titled ‘Scialla’ by Francesco Bruno.

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