Too Many Down Fall Seekers In The Industry – Benjy


Too Many Down Fall Seekers In The Industry – Benjy

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BENJAMIN NIKOI Kotei, commonly known as Benjy of ‘2 sure’ fame and a new kid on the block, has indicated that it is very pathetic to hear that some fellow musicians are not happy because you are making waves in the industry which tends to be one major challenge to him.

“The fellow will not consider the fact that you have been through a lot before getting to see the limelight and as well spent a lot to get an album ready and sailing through with promoting the songs on your first step into the industry”, he bitterly complained.
According to him, for this matter he chose ‘My time’ for his album due to the struggles he went through before getting into the music industry and thinks it is a God given time for him to shine with 10 songs on it and will be launched in March this year.
Speaking in an interview with The Heritage Entertainment Crew, he revealed that he realized that was where his interest was though doing highlife is not as easy as rapping since the highlife rhythm is far different from the normal hip life beat as the content of the song need to be carefully scrutinized.
He indicated that it was no simple task as I decided to entertain and take the oldies back to their days where music was less with profanity in them and I mean, you can’t just say anything in your song which I pore over the content of my songs before getting them recorded.
On his quest as to how he sees the music industry, he indicated that the industry is currently corrupted since “one cannot enjoy from what he has sown, piracy have taken over the industry and its not making us gain from our investment I think we really have to invade and arrest them all.”
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