Uncle Ebo, Roverman Production premiere ‘Forbidden’ on May 30

Forbidden Artwork final

Uncle Ebo, Roverman Production premiere ‘Forbidden’ on May 30

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Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Production Crew present another surprise play, ‘Forbidden’.

The play will first be premiered on May 30 and 31 and later on June 6 and 7, 2015 at the National Theatre respectively. Each night comes with 2 shows; show 1 at 4pm and Show 2 at 8pm. The rate is Ghs60.00.

If you watched the last play by Roverman Productions titled, ‘Women on Fire’; you would notice that Uncle Ebo Whyte and his team are always on the quest to beat themselves in all standards just to blow your mind with something new.

In the previous play, just when the play ended and the lights went off; the audience thought ECG had done their usual again but little did they know that it was a grand plan to amaze them as the cast turned on colorful LED lights on their costumes to dance.

And that came with a rapturous applause from the overwhelmed audience.

This time around, although the team are doing its best not to give a gist about the yet-to-be premiered play; ‘Forbidden’ comes with stage flats which are made of wood and ‘everything’ else is a human being and as to what that means, you will have to buy a ticket to come and see.

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Synopsis of ‘Forbidden’

Kwaku Koduah, aka Junior, an ace radio personality, finds himself in a dilemma.

His lifestyle, which he has no intention of changing has sent his mother on admission at the hospital and caused his father so much embarrassment that he has had to resign his position as a senior pastor of his church.

Now Junior has to find a way of maintaining his wild lifestyle and at the same time make his parents happy.

Will his solution be Hilda, the innocent sweet and beautiful girl with a fantastic voice whom his parents have adopted?

But that will be only if he can get Hilda to marry him just to give his parents an impression of his readiness to settle down. Meanwhile, his brother who is also a pastor and married; is as well trying to undermine his (Junior) moves to woo her?

Will Junior get his way with his this scheme? And what price will Hilda pay if she ignores the warning not to say Yes to Junior?

Call 0261094100 to place your ticket orders. You can also send message to WhatsApp number; 0261094664 to place orders. Ticket deliveries come with no extra cost.

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