Understanding SEX and giving it a meaning…


Understanding SEX and giving it a meaning…

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Sex, what’s your definition? Even though every individual has reasons to back its perception about sex; very few persons actually disgusts for personal reasons yet they do practice in a way.

The insertion of the penis in the vagina during a sexual affair/ intercourse or genital activities; logically reasoning, cannot be a best attributed description for sex rather one of the major act of sex. In a rather sincere approach, “sex can be described as a valuable exercise; disguised as the righteous desire to simply appreciate the meaning sex has, or as the pursuit of restoring sex’s ‘true’ meaning,” a Sex Therapist describes.

Funny enough, we tend to discover the meaning of sex each time we have it; meaning that it only resides in our practical experiences and reinvents each time we participate in the act. And yet seeks to have a meaning to it because the alternative is too frightening: having sex in an existential vacuum!

And much like eating and understanding nutrition, these are two separate activities; having sex and understanding sex are as well two separate activities. Trying to understand nutrition or digestion while eating undermines the sensuality and enjoyment offered by the experience of dining just like having sex and trying to understand sex while in the act; concentration will be lost.

With reasons being that sex is ultimately grounded in the body; it is a right-brain, non-linear experience, and not a left-brain, and cognitive one, therefore can be analyzed, evaluated, etc., but not as part of the experience.

Obviously, the search to give sex meaning is as understandable and important as although it is a common source of conflict for both individual and society. By and large, the openness about sex and its acts raises massive interest and controversies from all aspects especially on religious beliefs basis.

Not limited to intercourse; even not limited to genital activities; in reality, sex describes a huge range of activities and this is half of the expression as many things can be ‘sex’ because sex has an infinite range of meanings as the scope of activities that can properly be called sexual is so vast.

And that’s one reason such people who believe they know the objective meaning of sex can easily say what sex is and what it isn’t and can be so self-righteous about what humans should and should not do sexually.

With the perspective that sex has only emergent meaning, we can experience a huge range of sexual feelings and meanings. Without this perspective, much of this range is invisible, or worse, repugnant and, by definition, excluded.

Unfortunately, various existing religion and its beliefs about sex complicates issues when especially when the division or contrast is clear and has the sexual side of it predictably narrow.

And this is quite scary since most religious group’s teaches that sex is bad, hence the need to be protected from individual’s sexuality; about sex and its non-linear, open-ended nature, its dissonance of impulses and feelings.

It possibly an awe-inspiring of taking us away from ourselves and may not, after all, make it back. As it stands now, sex has no natural meaning although some people wish it did.

Until an appropriate meaning is found to SEX; human can merely give satisfactory sexual treats to their partners while enjoying Kumasi-based Artiste, Yaw Stone’s ‘Injection’ song below;

Editor’s Note: Excerpts from Sex articles. Photo credit: colourbox!

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