UPDATE: TV Africa’s New Genertion discusses body odor


UPDATE: TV Africa’s New Genertion discusses body odor

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Body odor is never pleasant, and we have experienced and noticed the distinctive smell of stale sweat, mouth odor, etc. as it is a case of poor hygiene.

On an average scale, some people have a medical condition that leads to the odor we inhale from them.

This week on New Generation on TV Africa, Laakor and her panelists are discussing the causes of body odor, how to control it and how to also go about telling a person with an odor without offending them.

“It is not easy approaching someone with a body odor and assisting them on how to control it but today, my panelists and resource person will list some ways of breaking such news without having issues with the person,” Laakor said.

According to Laakor, “it may seem strange but many people with bad body odour are unaware that they smell as scientific research has shown that some people cannot detect certain molecules.”

“Their nostrils may be able to register the smell of garlic or curry, but not the smell emanating from their armpits, mouth or their clothes,” she added.

On Entertainment segment, Elavanyo will be interviewing international-based Ghanaian artiste, Zoh zoh, who has decided to champion the cause of environmental cleanliness and has to that effect released a song titled, ‘Borla Borla, scatter scatter’.

New Generation is hosted by Laakor Quartey and Arnold Elavanyo Mensah.

New Generation is a youth magazine show on TV Africa that tackles issues pertaining to the everyday life happenings and trending issues among its target audience every Saturday at 11am.

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