Videos: Abeiku Santana hosts British High Commissioner To Ghana ‏on ‘Ekwanso Dwodwo’


Videos: Abeiku Santana hosts British High Commissioner To Ghana ‏on ‘Ekwanso Dwodwo’

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Ghanaian ace radio broadcast journalist, sales and marketing director, Abeiku Santana, had the rare privilege to interview British High Commissioner to Ghana and also Ambassador to Togo, Burkina Faso, and Côte D’Ivoire; Hon. Jon Benjamin, on his drive show on Okay Fm 101.7 – ‘Ekwanso Dwodwo’ .

The interview, which spanned – the ambassador’s career, mission to Ghana and thirdly, the relationship between Ghana and Britain’s soci-economic challenges, also gave the opportunity to the ambassador to speak on areas concerning gay rights, acquisition of Visa, sports, etc.

Before the detailed chat began, the 29 year experienced diplomat, Hon. Jon Benjamin, revealed to the host, Abeiku Santana that he welcomes all comments from social media like twitter, but rather, not the ones that directly affronts him.

“I am very active on twitter I reply every message you send to me on twitter unless is insulting or visa related, so people can send their questions and comments” he notified when Abeiku asked his listeners to send comments and questions.

Hon. Benjamin added that “sometimes I get hush words and insults from fans on social media, twitter, but I have to say is less in Ghana than Chile. Let me say it’s less in Ghana – for example, in Chile and other countries, it’s more than Ghana, so I think people in Ghana are more polite.”

You can click here to watch the full interview videos:
Editor’s Note: Sent in by Mustapha Inusah.

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