Was ECG’s power outage a sign of Zigi’s desertion?


Was ECG’s power outage a sign of Zigi’s desertion?

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Indeed many are called but few are chosen but in the records of Lynx Entertainment; they exposed, groomed and worked with many artistes yet the lot chose to move on and some chose to walk away when the label needed them the most.
Lynx Entertainment is very well known for their responsibility for success in exposing and grooming now-established solo Ghanaian musicians like Asem, Irene Logan, O J Blaq, Eazzy,Zigi, the dismantled D3 and the born out of the female group, MzVee.
Despite the countless Press Statements from Lynx Entertainment explaining ‘speculations’ as to why artistes including Asem, Eazzy, O J Blaq, it’s investors and even the dismantled female group, D3 left; there has neither been news nor statements to indicate that Zigi is no more with the Lynx family.
The ‘U say weyTin’ singer, Zigi with his prospects as a break dancer, model and a (then) high school performer joined the showbiz industry as an official Lynx Entertainment artiste on August 2009. He was in a grand style al frescoed along with his debut single ‘U say WeyTin’ on January 30, 2010.
It was of course a success as Lynx Entertainment was then a great family and team as he earned collaborations with the family’s artistes including Asem, Eazzy O J Blaq, Richie Mensah (Lynx Boss) and friends to the Lynx family, Guru and Tinny for a collation on his debut album later to be launched the same year, 2010.
The album dubbed ‘Prince Of Pop (P.O.P)’ which was half-launched on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at Rockstone’s Office saw showbiz personalities Caroline, D Black, Chris Attoh, D Cryme, Tinny, Richie, John Dumelo, Trigmatic, Efya, DJ Master J, Kwame Farkye, Sammy Forson, Jeremie, Jay Foley, Ignace of 4Syte TV, Merqury Quaye, E.L., Mike Smith, Armani and the entire Lynx family gracing Zigi’s outdoor.
The launch was all set to establish and evolve Zigi’s diversity and unique style with an affable performance by Asem, O. J. Blaq, Eazzy and Richie Mensah to outdoor Zigi. The then second mother to the men in the Lynx family, Eazzy introduced Zigi to the crowds as the latest addition to the Lynx Entertainment family.
Appearing in a ‘You say weytin” designed suit, Zigi performed one of his singles titled ‘Catch Your Eye’ and just when patrons were beginning to enjoy and ‘soak’ the song, an imaginary character or ECG did their usual with power fluctuation bringing the “break dancer’s” performance to a hasty end.
ECG also in grand style cut the power (light) on three occasions and brought it back just about 60 seconds each time it went off leaving the launch in partial darkness.
Well, Lynx Entertainment did not take blame for the power outage, instead the director of Lynx Entertainment; Albert Mensah rather apportioned the blame to the club management.
Zigi has for about a year or two now gone silent. Could he be on a musical rehab, career divertion or has he abandoned the Lynx Family choosing to move on silently although the Lynxfamily website says he is a part of the label’s current artiste.
The last update on the label’s website which was Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 15:57 GMT had extinct girl group, D3 still in their list of artistes which included now dancehall diva, MzVee.
Also on his Wikipedia page, Zigi has singer as his occupation, Lynx Entertainment as the name of his label and 2010 – present as his years active which was last modified on October 16, 2013 at 21:15 GMT.
On his Facebook Fan page, he or his updater shared the link to the official video of ‘Borkor Borkor’ by MzVee featuring VIP on January 26 this year.
On Wikipedia, Lynx Entertainment has Zigi’s name in hyperlink excluding Asem, O J Blaq, Irene Logan and Eazzy under the Artistes column on the page and was last modified on March 14, 2014 which clearly indicates that Zigi is still part of the family.
Zigi has to his musical credits songs including ‘U say WeyTin’, ‘Azonto Gangnam Style’ (African Parody), ‘Let’s get it started’ featuring Eazzy, ‘Chamelion’, ‘Catch your eye’ and ‘Amanda’ featuring Sonni Balli.
He was also featured on ‘Fire’ and ‘I got it’ by O J Blaq, ‘Lynx’ and ‘Yen ara asaase ne’ by Richie Mensah, ‘Dreaming’ by Eazzy, ‘Good girls gone bad’ by D3 and ‘Mwaii (wash and wear) by Akoo Nana (now Nanha).
Known in real life as Kweku Sarpong Plahar, Zigi was nominated for ‘Best New Artiste of the Year’, ‘Afro-Pop Song of the Year’ and ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ s at the 2012 Ghana Music Awards but only won the award for ‘Afro-Pop Song of the Year’ at the ceremony on 14th April 2012.

Was ECG’s power outage on the night of his outdooring a sign (or factor) of Zigi’s current career situation? Why has there been no update on D3 on Lynx Entertainment Wikipedia page? So many questions taken over my mind… but #tweeaaa Lynx Entertainment must #BringBackZigi! Or Ghanafuo, ‘You say WeyTin’?

Watch ‘U say WeyTin’ below:
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